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executive who is very successful in bringing in business to his company or firm

American Indian medicine man who attempt to make it rain

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RAIN makers Kurt Hanson and John Gehron keep followers ahead of the curve spotlighting virtual opportunities.
Mwari (The Rozvi high God) Midzimu mikuru (Senior guardian spirits of the Rozvi state) Midzimu midiki (junior guardian spirits of the Rozvi state) Nevanji mukuru waMwari (The High Priest at Mabweaziva Shrine) Mbonga (Sacred virgins), Manyusa (Rain makers) and Masvikiro (spirit mediums) Mambo/Changamire (Rozvi paramount chief) Makurukota aMambo nemhuri yake (Mambo's court councilors and his family members) Mhuri dzavaRozvi (Members of the Rozvi families and clans) Madzishe (Tributary and sub chiefs) Makurukota nemhuri dzaMadzishe (Tributary m chiefs' court councilors and family members) Vanhu vanotongwa naMadzishe (All the subjects to the tributary chiefs) Mwari is the Rozvi and Shona people's high God.
Rain makers, traditional Australasian percussion instruments, were being made by Darwin Bradley, six, and sister Autumn, two, whose made the trip from Guisborough with mum Sarah.
This transaction marks yet another significant achievement for Michaels, who has become one of the country's leading deal and rain makers.
In July 2004, Zhoukou city officials claimed that rain makers in Pingdingshan overseeded clouds so that the latter city enjoyed rainfall that should have been Zhoukou's.