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Raghorn Incorporated President and Producer of Raghorn Adventure Television, Brian Smith, explained the long-term goals of Synergy Media Solutions partnership.
I've been bowhunting elk for 34 years, some 26 elk hunts, and at times I've been guilty of turning my nose up at raghorn bulls.
The two raghorn bulls he'd taken on guided hunts on exclusive private land apparently came this way.
Two raghorn bulls and a satellite bull accompanied a herd bull up the drainage I was glassing.
He was a grown-up raghorn, just exactly what I had hoped for, and if he kept coming he was going to offer the kind of shot the .
A lone raghorn was making his way through the timber, clearly on a mission.
I passed up an easy shot at a raghorn bull early on, and never saw a bigger set of antlers.
If you're a novice elk hunter, taking a raghorn bull should make you happy.
The difference between an eight-inch goat and a ten-inch goat is the difference between a raghorn elk and a mature 6-point.
My binoculars revealed a fat raghorn tending a cow and bugling every few minutes.
That spike, and a raghorn 4x4, had presented themselves; my meat.
But after 28 long days of grueling hiking and hard hunting, that 4x4 raghorn is still the greatest animal I've been able to take because of the intensity of the hunt and the effort expended.
Then of course, the big bull's meat got mixed up with the meat of a small raghorn bull someone else threw in with him last fall because I had the freezer space, and it could be that bull instead, but I can't tell the difference between the two; and that's my point entirely.