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Synonyms for raffia

leaf fibers of the raffia palm tree


fiber of a raffia palm used as light cordage and in making hats and baskets

feather palm of tropical Africa and Madagascar and Central and South America widely grown for commercial purposes

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Then he zip-tied raffia grass bundles on top of the FastGrass mats.
After they were dried, the pellets were stored in three different environments, namely, a natural environment (25[degrees]C and 50%) and two climate chambers (20[degrees]C and 60%, and 30[degrees]C and 40% RH air), and two types of packaging (paper bag and raffia bag) were used for a period of six months.
Kuba raffia, the tradi- tional cloth of the Kuba people of the Democrat- ic Republic of Congo, remains an example of a tradition of raffia weaving that was once widespread throughout central Africa.
Now, TLMPC designs their raffia loomwovens for architectural finishes, and have been hot-selling in China and Japan hotels and resort chains in Asia, Arbon said.
Use some raffia or ribbon and tie it on top of the elastic bands to hide them.
CRACKING IDEAS: Make an egg 'nest' by gathering together twigs and raffia, then use a bowl as a guide to weave around; use the twigs to form the main structure and fill out with the raffia.
Choosing photovoltaic tiles that will produce solar energy, Raffia said, shows the change in attitude of decision makers and Dubai's approach towards sustainability.
But now the internet giant has strapped one to a ten-year-old dromedary called Raffia to capture the sands of Abu Dhabi.
Caberte said the event also features the Sandugo Trade Expo, which will highlight Bohol's export quality products, specifically the new woven fabric made from raffia.
These pretty raffia embroidered bird storage boxes will bring a touch of spring into your home.
After more than 25 years of cooperation, the Reifenhauser Group acquired the Italian company Nuova Protex, a company specializing in designing and manufacturing take-up winding systems for synthetic fibers such as monofilaments, multifilaments, raffia, flat tape and strapping tape as well as supplementary components.
When the coloring was completed, some students added raffia "hair" to add more interest.
Bogolanfini, aso oke, kuba raffia, and kente, offer examples cloth from the countryside north of the Malian capital, Bamako.
Or try the wide-brimmed Tilley Raffia Hat ($95), made with 100 percent premium Madagascar raffia palm for sun protection.
Try Faith green Horris wooden wedges pounds 40, Moda in Pelle Lorri red peep-toe wedges pounds 50, Dorothy Perkins fuchsia leather T-bar wedges pounds 35, French Connection black, strappy Dosie wedges pounds 70 Red Herring tan raffia wedges pounds 25 at Debenhams, or Topshop Whisp off-white crossover wedges pounds 60.