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Synonyms for raffia

leaf fibers of the raffia palm tree


fiber of a raffia palm used as light cordage and in making hats and baskets

feather palm of tropical Africa and Madagascar and Central and South America widely grown for commercial purposes

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In connection with the high density of population associated with rapid population, the deforestation and destruction of raffia for agricultural or craft purposes have led here and there a strong soil erosion and degradation of local biodiversity.
Choosing photovoltaic tiles that will produce solar energy, Raffia said, shows the change in attitude of decision makers and Dubai's approach towards sustainability.
Students punched holes a half-inch from the edge, then added raffia by folding a long strand, putting the center loop through the hole and inserting the raffia ends through the center loop.
And the raffia bag they come in is ideal to use as a casual clutch for days or nights out.
The deck and lower hull sides of the boat blind were camouflaged by adding a double-layered border of Raffia grass.
The platform espadrille and cone-shaped heels are laced up in renewably-sourced raffia, and the knotted faux-suede straps are made from recycled plastic bottles.
So far the only ones we have found are very thin raffia or cork mats.
Bogolanfini, aso oke, kuba raffia, and kente, offer examples cloth from the countryside north of the Malian capital, Bamako.
Try Faith green Horris wooden wedges pounds 40, Moda in Pelle Lorri red peep-toe wedges pounds 50, Dorothy Perkins fuchsia leather T-bar wedges pounds 35, French Connection black, strappy Dosie wedges pounds 70 Red Herring tan raffia wedges pounds 25 at Debenhams, or Topshop Whisp off-white crossover wedges pounds 60.
In the unknown ams department, Pasadena's Jon Rojas is getting spooky on Svitak's 1031, and Peter Raffia left Powell for a spot over at Black Label.
He goes through fences as if they were made of raffia.
YOU WILL NEED: Shoeboxes or sturdy boxes Green spray paint (I used #3522 Italian Olive satin paint) Greenery or vegetables Hot glue gun and glue Raffia Plastic liner containers Floral foam Flowers and fruit Spray each box with green paint, and cover with ivy, galax leaves, boxwood, grape leaves, asparagus, or ferns using glue and raffia.
Accessories have a natural organic feel with woven raffia belts, straw baskets and shell and wood jewellery complementing any summer outfit perfectly.
From the Miss Selfridge collection: Yellow raw wedge mac, pounds 55, yellow raffia bikini top, pounds 12, and yellow raffia bikini briefs, pounds 12.