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Radiofrequency (RF) ablation technology for pain management involves ablation of nerves and affected tissues via the generation of heat from high frequency current.
For the obturator articular component, a 10 cm radiofrequency cannula with a 10 mm active tip (Diros Technology Inc.
BRIT was delivered via a power-control unit (CelonLab ENT; Celon AG Medical Instruments; Teltow, Germany) with a disposable bipolar radiofrequency applicator (Celon ProSleep Plus).
The editorial authors also question whether the findings of Volkow et al may be a marker of other alterations in brain function from radiofrequency emissions, such as neurotransmitter and neurochemical activities?
All told, the present, multi-agency exposure guidelines have a lineage that dates back nearly half a century and is based on long-standing, uncontroverted science clearly demonstrating that radiofrequency radiation exposure causes "behavioral disruption," including reduced brain function and memory loss in laboratory subjects.
The other four patients (8%) had low levels of residual disease and underwent a single session of radiofrequency ablation.
Due to its minimally invasive character, significant improvement of primary snoring (snoring without sleep apnea), and low postoperative complication rates, radiofrequency surgery of the soft palate in general has become widespread.
1329) comment on the precautionary principle in the context of radiofrequency exposures from mobile telephones and base stations.
This patent is a great honor and represents a major step forward in radiofrequency technology," says Bill Rittman, CTO of NeuroTherm.
The report, which compared radiofrequency catheter ablation to medication-based therapy, also found that the effect of the procedure on stroke, a major risk for patients with atrial fibrillation, is unknown.
Pulsed radiofrequency is a growingly popular pain treatment modality.
ETS-Lindgren also unveiled the Auto Seal II Door, a shielded door for magnetic resonance applications that it describes as a virtually maintenance-free radiofrequency sealing system.
Percutaneous image-guided radiofrequency ablation (RFA) has been used in a variety of applications to treat solid tumors in the liver, kidney, breast, bone, and adrenal gland.
The research also showed the radiofrequency ablation (RFA) technique successfully killed the tumor inside the body without surgery in 93 percent of the cases.
Cryoablative technology and radiofrequency ablative technology are both used for percutaneous image guided renal cell carcinoma ablation.