radio-controlled aircraft

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an aircraft without a pilot that is operated by remote control

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This is an opportunity for families to check out a wide variety of radio-controlled airplanes and antique cars, all in one place on one day.
A total of 35 teams from six countries design, build-to-scale and fly radio-controlled airplanes with a payload.
The RC Flying Club was given use of the land behind the police station for its radio-controlled airplanes. The agreement is for one calendar year.
Some airports have resorted to using sounds, lights, pyrotechnics, radio-controlled airplanes, decoy animals or lasers.
It's a different feeling from radio-controlled airplanes, which fly free and are maneuvered from a console.
Guss is not only an avid flyer of radio-controlled airplanes and helicoptor, but he is also a pioneering designer of high performance hobby, aircraft.
Sarpolus has written two books and hundreds of articles on his other hobby of radio-controlled airplanes, which he builds and designs.
It used to be that only grown-ups and teenagers got to have all the fun by getting to fly radio-controlled airplanes. Little kids, though, finally are in the mix thanks to the VrRoom Zoom indoor and outdoor plane from Jasman Incorporated, Itasca, Ill.
He loved the outdoors and his favorite activities included camping, sailing, kite-flying and building radio-controlled airplanes.
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