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a characteristic signal emitted by a transmitter used for navigation

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a radio station that broadcasts a directional signal for navigational purposes


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The receiver and loggers in the Ultra Radio range are compatible with existing Tinytag Radio products, and can be mixed and matched within a single system.
Radio mechanics staffed the detachment's remote transmitters, receivers and radio range stations.
Furthermore, the company's VHF omnidirectional radio range (VOR) and DME will provide navigation equipment for various airports, for both en-route and terminal area guidance.
As soon as our radio range allowed, we hailed Sand Sailor, the callsign at EMFK, and told them of our intentions.
The radio range of each device will vary by manufacturer and can be extended by adding signal repeaters or additional devices.
ROYALSTON - In the middle of a snowstorm, out of radio range of local police dispatch, a green uniform looks every bit as good as a blue one - when one suspects a crime is being committed.
Recent improvements in the SUGV include improved radio range and network connectivity, improved environmental qualification testing, and improved imagery from the sensor to the network workstation, with an emphasis on increasing the night infrared range for target recognition and research to further reduce the weight of the system.
VOR is the acronym for Doppler Very High Frequency Omni-Directional Radio Range System.
The ability for an attacker to leverage this is dependent on their physical proximity to a potential victim, as they must be within wireless radio range.
It notes that in order to exploit the hole, an attacker would have to be able to deploy a Cisco controller within radio range of a newly installed AP.
Given the centrality of global warming to human progress, it may be prudent to fully ascertain the Earth's emission profile, by using an array of satellites which continually monitor spectral emissions from the radio range through the infrared.
With robotic radio range of up to 700 meters, superior prism tracking, and high accuracy EDM performance, these total stations are capable of handling the largest commercial layout jobs.
ROBERTS has expanded its ecologic radio range, by introducing two new digital clock radios.
But we were out of radio range so I had no alternative but to lift him and walk.
Another key feature of SNR is its ability to automatically relay IP traffic between participating units (or nodes), providing the capability of extending the network between ships that are outside of point-to-point radio range as other ships provide the automatic bridging.