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tall California pine with long needles in bunches of 3, a dense crown, and dark brown deeply fissured bark

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Bark loss was measured in autumn in New Zealand on radiata pine logs processed using two methods; delimbing and bucking with a mechanized, dangle-head processor fitted with spiked rollers, and delimbing with a static, pull-through delimber and manual bucking using a chainsaw.
However Dr Mead's book is not intended to "show the way" where other species are concerned; its focus is quite clearly on recording the current knowledge about radiata pine (from an unusually broad perspective) in a fashion that helps the reader appreciate the journey foresters have been on since it was first planted and the quantum of advances made in almost every aspect of establishment, silviculture and utilisation along the way.
Conversion of radiata pine plantation to dairy pasture on this Taupo Pumice Soil has not resulted in any loss of total C down to 60 cm depth at the three sites studied, and at two of the sites has resulted in an increase in soil C.
Bureau of Land Management acreage and planting thousands of Radiata Pine fingerlings back in the 1970s and 1980s, when mills in Redmond were importing Radiata Pine logs from New Zealand - an opportunity missed by not raising that 15- to 20-year tree to maturity when we had the need.
Sher-Wood One-Pass Primer covers most substrates such as radiata pine, MDF, hardboard, dark-stained poplar, sugar pine, yellow pine, and more in a single pass, offering high build and holdout at lower solids than conventional primers.
Nondurable timbers such as radiata pine need to be preservative-treated to the decay hazard level H3.
It brings together the vast amount of pulp and paper research work that has been carried out on radiata pine and combines it with relevant industrial experience in the pulp and paper process of this important species.
Radiata pine (also known as Monterey pine) plays a key role as well.
In New Zealand the effects of recent widespread conversion from grassland to plantation forestry [predominately radiata pine (Pinus radiata D.
The company said that Zenia House would actively promote the use of FCF's radiata pine clearwood for use in the European solid wood furniture market, and FCF would supply all of Zenia House's future requirements.
Two of the many useful features of Vintorg are the ability to use low-grade materials (such as the core wood of radiata pine or Douglas fir heartwood) and the use of insecticidal resins, which reduces the prospects of termite and borer attack.
The company also offers S4S fingerjointed primed radiata pine boards, as well as S4S Select Performance Pine[TM], its proprietary grade of clear radiata pine.
The moth burrows into the seedlings of Radiata pine, a tree type that makes up 80% of the country's forest plantations.