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a unit of absorbed ionizing radiation equal to 100 ergs per gram of irradiated material

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the unit of plane angle adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites


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Since we have no credit repayment problems, we would like to take another credit for a new investment project," says Vladanka Trajkoska, financial director at Rade Koncar.
However, Rade didn't return calls and Jolie's representatives were also unavailable for comment.
He did not start a game after his arrival and Keane said today: "One or two clubs are talking to Rade.
Rade is the idea of Alun Haines and Richard Compton and has been set-up to help organisations comply with new regulations.
THE ULYSSES PROJECT--WHICH HAS gone on to present this Lear at three other sites of former or ruined fortresses in Sarajevo, Baja Luka and Zagreb--was created by Borislav Vujcic and Rade Serbedzija, writer and lead actor, respectively, in order to establish a place where actors from all areas of the former Yugoslavia could once again meet as a unified and reconciled company.
On ne comprendrait pas que le CMR passe a cote de tout ce qui se dit sur ce qui se passe a Rades, et non des moindres : Le trafic, les bureaux de la Douane qui y deviennent inflammables, toutes les defaillances constatees par un groupe de parlementaires qui y ont ete accueillis, lundi 19 fevrier 2018, par les cris des agents de la Stam du genre [beaucoup moins que] partez, vous faites du tort a nos affaires [beaucoup plus grand que], ou encore les nombreux bateaux en rade qui attendent d'etre decharges .
Une vedette rapide des garde-cotes s'est dirigee, des l'alerte donnee, vers le navire mouillant en rade d'Annaba, et dont le commandant, de nationalite turque, a ete achemine sur la terre ferme avant d'etre evacue par la Protection civile au CHU Ibn-Rochd ou il est actuellement pris en charge, a-t-on precise.
The company manufacturing transformers, generators and engines, Rade Koncar, is going to start talks soon with the automobile giant Fiat in Serbia.
PLENTY of foreigners down the years have failed to settle in the North East, so perhaps Sunderland are leading the way with their latest signing Rade Prica.