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small wild dog of eastern Asia having facial markings like those of a raccoon

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This handsome racoon dog and his partner must have strayed from their owner in the Boughrood area, and we'd like to hear from them immediately.
When the SARS virus was found in a civet, a racoon dog and a Chinese ferret badger, it wasn't long before the Agrifood and Veterinary Authority of Singapore started trapping and killing cats, even though tests on 140 samples proved negative.
Another hit with the youngsters was Tilly, the fourmonth old Japanese racoon dog who was the star of the Animal Antics display.
Proliferation of protease-enriched mast cells in sarcoptic skin lesions of racoon dogs.
However Pete says some of the animals, such as marmoset monkeys and racoon dogs, are price on application - and that the team work very closely with anyone interested in buying them given the expertise needed in their care "There was a skunk wild up in Durham as someone had turfed it out," says Pete.
During the Animal Care Level 2 Diploma, the students will spend one day a week at Kidderminster Academy and two days at the safari where they will get the opportunity to work with snakes, spiders, armadillos and racoon dogs.
Zhang Wenkui, a veterinary professor at Shenyang Agriculture University, said the racoon dogs - a breed native to east Asia which is raised for its fur - were fed a product that contained the chemical melamine and developed kidney stones.