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pigeon trained to return home

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Abstract: Oropharyngeal swab samples were collected from 438 live racing pigeons (Columba livia), with and without signs of respiratory disease, that were housed in 220 lofts in 3 provinces in the western part of the Netherlands.
The disabled father and grandfather began racing pigeons as a kid in the South Bronx in the 1970s.
Nathanael Schildbach lives and learns in western Massachusetts with his wife, three sons, dog, cat, some racing pigeons that have been breeding, some ducks and some bantam chickens.
In the 1990s, McKenzie conned two Lanarkshire OAPs out of pounds 4000 for birds he falsely claimed were top racing pigeons.
British Airways has flown a racing pigeon back to the UK from the US after he became lost while flying from France to the UK.
Liu Wan-lai, Secretary General of the Asian Federation of Pigeon Associations, says the number of racing pigeon owners in Taiwan has fallen from around 100,000 in the 1980s to some 20,000 today.
A good racing pigeon can fly at speeds of 90 miles an hour, so news could travel fast.
But there are still 120 racing pigeon clubs in Ireland and those who love the sport are determined to recruit more members.
IT'S pretty rich of Mr Kimmance and The Racing Pigeon weekly journal to blame birds of prey for killing pigeon populations while they and other racers breed and release tens of thousands of vulnerable pigeons into the sky for nothing more than a lark or a bet (The fancier's choice, ECHO, June 13).
Mike Walsh was the founding president of the Worcester Racing Pigeon Club and the Worcester Homing Pigeon Club in the 1930s.
Thousands of pigeons change hands at sales and auctions where sums of up to pounds 100,000 can be paid for a pedigree racing pigeon or its offspring so any notion of this being an annual jolly of some quaint working class pursuit is completely wrong.
IT'S not unusual to have a school hamster or stick insect - but a Cardiff primary has a royal racing pigeon donated by the Queen.
A RACING pigeon crash landed in a garden covered in volcanic dust - 309 miles off course.
The confrontation is between `Speckled Jim', a champion racing pigeon undefeated in 27 races over sprint trips, and Athea Storm, a former open racer and, coincidentally, owned by one David Hood
A juvenile racing pigeon (Columba livia) was presented with drooping of the wing and inability to fly.