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Synonyms for racer

Synonyms for racer

someone who drives racing cars at high speeds

a fast car that competes in races

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While the Endurocross is accommodating the local racers, the Powertrack and Supercross will involve the national and international racers.
It would bring more fun to car racers and car sport lovers.
Director Marketing BFW, Nazim Abbas unfolding the distinctive features of the garments, said that "It is top class fire proof imported fabric that provides full protection to car racers and motorbike riders".
New Delhi, April 26 -- The first series of the popular and acclaimed television series Cafe Racer is now available on a 2-disc DVD from Duke.
This tissue contracts faster and more explosively than other muscle fibers, helping the racer to gain speed quickly.
With the second period even the Racers stepped up the pressure in the third period, with their Czech netminder Ladislav Kudrna in top form keeping the Devils at bay.
The spunky racer averaged a little over 30 kilometers per hour (kph), with peak speeds exceeding 60 kph.
First period goals from Jason Stone, after 18 seconds, Russ Romaniuk, Dennis Maxwell and Phil Hill tore Racers apart last night.
There were 65 entries, but only the 16 fastest racers would advance to the head-to-head finals.
The popular film "The Fast and The Furious" depicts a world of youthful street racers who are able to afford expensive import/sports cars, often customized with costly accessories.
Racers ran, rode on horseback and mountain bikes, climbed mountains, swam, even whitewater rafted.
DOHA, Jan 8 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti racers have won first places in the third round of Qatar International Endurocross that gathered 35 racers from 10 countries.