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usually elongate cluster of flowers along the main stem in which the flowers at the base open first

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Wisterias, however, are even better grown on arches and pergolas where the picturesque twining habit is seen to best advantage, the racemes cascading to their full length in profusion beneath the emerging foliage.
bracteata were randomly selected for study and each were counted for ramets, racemes, flowers, inflated pods, and seeds matured, date of onset of flowering, and flowering duration.
Receptacles are said zygocarpic (composed or mixed), malacocarpic (cylindrical and smooth) or acanthocarpic (spiny), qualified of carpophylles or pseudocarpophylles, arranged in cymes, racemes or glomerules.
It blossoms from September to December, producing racemes with 3 to 5 flowers of 7 to 10 cm in diameter, with a rare beauty, especially when in groups.
Flowers were condensed in racemes with 5 to 7 flowers, spread along a 5.
The variety 'Alba' has white flowers with a lilac tint, or 'Multijuga' produces fragrant, lilac flowers on slender racemes.
What is striking in this carpet is its field design that shows animals, real and mythical, leaping to fight and pursue one another against a background network of scrolling vines connecting racemes, leaves, palmettes, and rosettes in a repeat pattern.
Racemes 6-20 cm long, flowers crowded, pedunculate; pedicles 1 mm long.
Growing in the garden along with other heirloom fruits, vegetables, and flowers, this tropical-looking vine with its striking racemes of lilac-colored flowers and glossy green leaves really captured my fancy.
It is such a pretty plant with compact racemes of rich blue to blue-purple, pea-shaped flowers.
The flowers of the plant are 2 cm or more long and are densely crowded, conspicuous, red or red purple and in dense racemes.
In bromeliads inflorescences are constructed of spikes (flowers sessile) or racemes (flowers on a stalk) or compound structures of them (panicle) or reduced to 1-flowered spikes.
40m tall with digitate racemes, and is widespread in temperate mainland Australia (Lamp et al.
But in areas where the climate is less stable, this strategy may not work, and it may be more adaptive to produce racemes or cymes where only a fraction of the meristems produce flowers at any one time.
The red berries and white racemes will feed the birds and nurture the butterflies this fall and the deep auburn of their leaves will contrast with the muted russet brick of our home through the snows and over the winter months.