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the sport of racing automobiles

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And, as Hasenauer said, Weisberg is a professional racecar driver. At home she gardens and cooks.
RACEMARK International founder, Bob Bailey, a former world-class racecar driver for Porsche of America Racing Team, continues to be actively involved in all aspects of the automotive world, from collecting classic cars to vintage auto racing.
One person with her own compelling story is Danica Patrick, a professional racecar driver that the non-profit organization Life Happens -- coordinator of the annual life insurance awareness campaign -- appointed as LIAM's 2016 spokesperson last June.
The only player in Joyce Judy's investment adventure who hasn't been convicted of a crime is Bob Schacht of Mooresville, North Carolina, the former racecar driver who wanted to own his own track.
The first crash involved a luxury BMW, this one being driven through the city by Hamid-Reza Kamali, a professional racecar driver. He struck another car on a Tehran freeway that killed himself and two passengers.
This was the message of Remy Pastor to her daughterinlaw Dahlia GuerreroPastor, who has been accused of parricide for allegedly conspiring to kill her husband, international racecar driver, Ferdinand "Enzo" Pastor.
Once interested in becoming a racecar driver, Horvitz now uses those fast reflexes to direct live television events like the Grammys and the Golden Globes.
The was no shortage of female role models on Saturday, between WPI student volunteers and the guest speakers, which included astronaut Sunita Williams; racecar driver Ashley Freiberg; meteorologist Danielle Vollmar; and Miss Massachusetts Lauren Kuhn, recipient of a STEM scholarship.
Also included are three of Hubbard's mystery short stories, 'Flame City', the story of one man's harrowing attempt to save his father and the city from a serial arsonist; 'Calling Squad Cars!', in which a police dispatcher goes to extraordinary lengths to bring down a gang of bank robbers after he is accused of working with them; and 'Grease Spot', the story of a former racecar driver, now the owner of a wrecking company, who plays fast and loose with the police.
Professional racecar driver and environmentalist, Leilani ME-nter, arrived in a specially-designed electric Tesla vehicle outfitted with a high-tech mobile projection unit to kick off the event.
But now it makes perfect sense, that as a racecar driver I could carry messages places I never could if I didn't race.
It is an international virtual-to-reality contest that allows players of Gran Turismo to compete for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of become a real-life professional racecar driver. Anyone who has the skills in the real world can also give the simulator a try, competing initially on an inter-state level.
But it's the dream of being a racecar driver that gets kids' pulses racing in many homes across America.
The police report claimed that there is an ongoing public feud among the Judds, and that the device was placed there to track the movements of the former wife of racecar driver Dario Franchitti.