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Synonyms for miscegenation

reproduction by parents of different races (especially by white and non-white persons)

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Building on the analysis in Chapter 3, Chapter 4 illustrates how anxieties about race and race-mixing were especially acute when sex was involved.
Race-mixing opportunities have moved into residential neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, and the World Wide Web, where they have flourished (Houston et al 2005).
Jacoway contends that there was a far deeper cause: "the fear in white minds of pollution, of race-mixing, of miscegenation, of 'mongrelization'" (8).
When I was growing up in Birmingham, two days before the Public Accommodations Act passed, race-mixing was illegal.
Processes of race-mixing comprise a fourth topical focus and is addressed by Alexandra Minna Stern (the shift from "mestizophilia" to "biotypology" in postrevolutionary Mexican racial thinking) and in the essays by Chambers and Caulfield already mentioned.
They see the attacks as God's punishment for race-mixing and other immoralities of the age.
Furthermore, these preachers symbolize the antithesis of Micheaux's aesthetic and social purposes, which promoted race-mixing as pioneerism and were part of a movement, in physical and metaphoric terms, to the West.
Charles, Missouri, claiming that the Holocaust was overblown, that Hitler didn't write Mein Kampf and that Hollywood shamelessly advocates race-mixing.