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discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race

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KEYWORDS: critical race theory, critical content analysis, teacher education, racism, preservice teacher
critical race theory provides educators with an incisive conceptual approach for examining issues of race and social justice.
We don't have a lot of deans," said former FAMU law school dean and current law professor LeRoy Pernell, who has written about issues that face law school deans of color, speaking in reference to law deans with a background in critical race theory, or CRT.
Critical Race Theory is a promising framework because it "exposes how mainstream schools promote racism through White-supremacist teaching practices, White-based curriculum, and school designs that privilege White culture by ignoring and/or denying how racism shapes the lives of students of color" (Knaus, 2009, p.
Using critical race theory as the lens through which to view cultural competence enables one to address issues of institutionalized racism on multiple levels: individual, societal, institutional, and global.
Keywords: critical race theory, pedagogy, counselor education, social justice, multicultural
In this collaborative project, they have sought to "mitigate the tensions between these approaches," (6) treating postcolonial and critical race theory as a single diverse approach.
Patricia Hill Collins, 1999; bell hooks, 1984, 1989, 2000); and Critical Race Theory (e.
Against the politics of desperation: Educational justice, critical race theory, and Chicago school reform.
Du Bois's concept of the "colour line", the cutting edge contributions in this text provide an accessible entry point for both International Relations students and scholars into the literature and debates on race and racism by borrowing insights from disciplines such as history, anthropology and sociology where race and race theory figures more prominently; yet they also suggest that the field of IR is itself an intellectually and strategic field through which to further confront the global colour line.
The authors introduce critical race theory as a decisional framework for ethical counseling, with a focus on racial disparities when working particularly with African American clients.
of California, Berkeley) has prepared a text reader discussing the four frameworks through which race is critically studied: critical race theory, Marxism, whiteness studies, and cultural studies.
The sources that give life to these vignettes range from black Catholic theology and critical race theory to the music of Stevie Wonder and Billie Holiday, to the writings of mystics Howard Thurman, Etty Hillesum, and Thomas Merton, to P.
It comes from a philosopher who considers frameworks that lend a critical approach to race issues, considering four such theories Critical Race Theory, Marxism, Whiteness Studies, and Cultural Studies--with an eye to yzing the strengths and weaknesses of each.
Theoretical Framework: Critical Race Theory and Latino Critical Race Theory