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small wild dog of eastern Asia having facial markings like those of a raccoon

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It is legal to sell the animals but an RSPCA spokesman said: "We are very concerned about the trend of keeping raccoon dogs as pets.
Steve Lowe, head of conservation at the Northumberland Wildlife Trust based in Gosforth, Newcastle, said raccoon dogs are non-native animals which are sometimes kept as pets.
Raccoon dogs in different areas have adapted to different climates, habitats, and diets, as shown by their differences in body size, fat reserves, fur thickness, and behavioral and dental characteristics (Kauhala and Saeki, 2004).
Furthermore, raccoon dogs are potential vectors of the fox tapeworm Echinococcus multilocularis, and some infections of this dangerous parasite have recently been reported from eastern Germany (Thiess 2004, Tackmann et al.
Of 25 coats tested, the fur on 20 of the garments was identified as raccoon dog and three domestic dog.
Up to three million foxes and raccoon dogs are herded to Chinese farms each year then kept in tiny, squalid cages.
The study found that 69 species of birds, including birds of prey, as well as mammal species such as raccoon dogs inhabit the area, the officials said.
On an expressway in Hachinohe in Aomori Prefecture, northeastern Japan, tunnels have been made beneath the roads for the use of foxes, raccoon dogs and other creatures.
The hotel, re-flagged this month after 20 years as Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Chinzan-so, is known for its lush 17-acre garden in the center of Tokyo, the habitat to various botanical species, birds, insects and even wild raccoon dogs.
According to the minister, until the end of February, hares, foxes, wolves, raccoon dogs, beavers, and also wild boars are allowed to hunt.
However, to our knowledge, natural amdoparvovirus infection in raccoon dogs or arctic foxes has not been reported.
Raccoon dogs, which originate in China, grow thick grey fur and often hibernate in the winters.
The animals that are being so cruelly killed in China in the name of fashion are called raccoon dogs (Nyctereutes procyonoides): not domestic dogs, although these are also victims of this unspeakable practice - as are pet cats and rabbits.
China has no regulations on fur farms and an undercover investigation revealed "foxes and raccoon dogs panting and blinking as they were skinned alive".
It also checked the concentrations of suspected endocrine disrupters in some 500 creatures of 12 species such as fish, frogs, birds, raccoon dogs and bears.