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Synonyms for rabbit

Synonyms for rabbit

the fur of a rabbit


Related Words

flesh of any of various rabbits or hares (wild or domesticated) eaten as food

hunt rabbits

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The immediate launch of the Poseidon joint operation to follow up on the RABIT will ensure continuity in effectively controlling the Greek-Turkish border, as well as in addressing irregular immigration in the Eastern Mediterranean region," EU Home Affairs Commissioner Malmstrom said in a statement on Wednesday.
Operation RABIT 2010 entailed the deployment of almost 200 specialist border control personnel from 24 European countries for 24 hour joint surveillance of the land border in the area between the Greek towns of Orestiada and Alexandroupolis, as well as additional officers at the border crossing point (at Kipi).
Tenders are invited for electrification of new rabit shed at rabit breeding farm angamaly
RABIT, the emergency operation to combat illegal immigration at the border between Greece and Turkey, has come to an end.
The MCP Minimolder series, which supersedes the Rabit and Butler range distributed by Tomken Tool and West Coast Mold, is a 9.
Tenders are invited for Construction work of 33kV single circuit line on DC towers from 66/33/11kv balehonnur sub-station to existing 33/11kv kalasa muss using coyote conductor in the existing corrinder of 33kv sc line with rabit conductor for a distance of 20.
With RABIT, created by Regulation 863/2007, Frontex is authorised to assemble and deploy for short periods teams made up of national officers, such as border guards.
Tenders are invited for Re-conductoring strengthing (replacement of deteriorated No 4 ACSR conductor by rabit ACSR conductor) of 11KV line 1) huvindigi feeder from 100/33/11 KV MUSS deodurga and
The RABIT (Rapid Border Intervention Teams) mechanism, which enables the deployment of Community border guards, was activated for the first time, on 2 November, along the Greek-Turkish border.
The request sent to Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom and Belgian Home Affairs Minister Annemie Turtelboom, on 24 October, activates for the first time the RABIT (Rapid Border Intervention Teams) mechanism implemented by FRONTEX, the EU Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at External Borders.
which offers the Rabit line of miniature presses from MCP Equipment of England (also at the show), is introducing a 5-ton model with 4-gram shot size.
The RABIT created by the regulation will be composed of some 450 officers from member states.
Tenders are invited for rabit insulated conductor sub yard sojat city kums sojat road (improvement and extension area street light at sub yard sojat city kums sojat road)