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spiritual leader of a Jewish congregation

a Hebrew title of respect for a Jewish scholar or teacher

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David Metzger, The Commentary of Rabbenu Hananel ben Hushiel to the Talmud: Megilla (Jerusalem: Machon Lev Same'ach, 1995), 71, and n.
Most of the decrees of Rabbenu Gershom Me'or Hagolah were formulated with no mention of time; moreover, with respect to the decree on bigamy, he wrote that this can only be permitted with the consent of one hundred sages .
Thesaurus Typographiae Hebraicae, Rabbenu Bahya, Perush al ha-Torah, A74, Biblia Hebraica, A75.
But then Justice Cohn wrote, "[t]he foregoing applies when the use is normal and common but not when it is 'exceptional,"' (160) citing a responsum by the Rosh, Rabbenu Asher ben Yehiel (1250-1327), that involved a person's well that overflowed with rainwater, damaging another's cellar.
Also known as Rabbenu Tam, he founded his own yeshiva and became the leader of Ashkenazi Jewry, presiding over a synod attended by hundreds of noted rabbis.
41) Rabbenu Tam taught that Christian religious imagery was not itself an object of worship, and that prayers directed to saints or even the Trinity were ultimately really directed to God--just in a mediated fashion that, while forbidden to Jews, could be allowed for Gentiles.
Japheth was also rewarded for joining Shem in this respectful act toward their father, in that his descendants, the Greeks, were given the privilege of being buried in the Land of Israel during the final war between Gog and Magog before the arrival of the Messiah; see Rabbenu Bahya Ben Asher (b.
Moses is called Moshe Rabbenu ("Moses, Our Masr") in Jewish tradition, a phrase that honors his role as a teacher, precisely because the Law that he carried down from Sinai is the font of moral wisdom that teaches us how to live just, righteous, and compassionate lives.
29) For David Goldstein, the main question was whether the story was true; see 'The Citations of Judah ben Solomon ha-Cohen in the Commentary to Genesis of Rabbenu Bahya ben Asher', Journal of Jewish Studies, 26 (1975), 105-12, n.
Even if his wife originated the suit, a husband would still be asked, however formally, whether (according to the ruling of Rabbenu Tam in the twelfth century) she consented to the divorce.
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For the Arabic, see Maimonides, Mishnah im Perush Rabbenu Moshe ben Maimon, vol.
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3) Rabbenu Moshe ben Maimon, "Rambam", nacido en Cordoba
They were persuaded by the arguments of Rabbenu Tam and considered his proofs solid and to be relied on.