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(from a combination of MOdulate and DEModulate) electronic equipment consisting of a device used to connect computers by a telephone line

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* Propagation delay from RxD transceiver port to RxD microcontroller port,
If it is 50 H, then the reception of data begins from state 9 and the data on RXD line is received bit by bit into SBUF_RXD.
Jill Seebergh, associate technical fellow with Boeing; Andy Rogerson, senior chemical testing engineer at the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), Mark Nichols, technical leader in the Paint Research, materials, and Nanotechnology Department at Fort Motor Company; Tim Weingrtz, head of Paint Material Development and Release at Fort Paint Engineering; Maureen Midgley, executive directory of the Global Paint & Polymers Center at General Motors; Joyce Dever, chief of the Durability and Protective Coatings Branch (RXD) at NASA's Glenn Research Center; Luz Marina Calle, lead scientists for Corrosion Technology with NASA's Kennedy Space Center; and Jim Gregory, general manager of St.
prescriptions-filled estimates are determined from IMS Heath's prescription database (RxD), obtained from pharmaceutical chain organizations and pharmacy software vendors, and reported at the prescription transaction level by individual outlet level.
Lee las tramas validas almacenadas en el buffer RXD, determina que comando ha sido recibido y de acuerdo a este configura el sistema o activa las tareas de adquisicion y de transmision que inicialmente estan pausadas.
Halve Dorschvloer and adjacent Misgunt, 1,500 RxD; outstanding debt 1,930 RxD; CA: MOOC 8/49/25, 24 September 1782, inventory of Schalk Willem Burger.