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This section contains the system presentation of a mobile blog, mobile RSS aggregator, and mobile information retrieval (MIR), which are presented graphically in Figure 3.
In order to subscribe an RSS feed into a personal blog, we developed an RSS aggregator. It extracts several key tags included in an RSS feed file, such as channel, title, link, description, etc.
"A normal system could serve ads based on the general content of a particular feed, but we're in a unique position to know what readers are reading," says Greg Reinacker, founder and CTO of NewsGator, developer of the NewsGator line of RSS aggregators, which do not currently include advertising.
Even though Sage is offered for free, it will face some competition within the Mozilla community as Firefox's open source nature allows for any developer with some free time and a vision to build and make available an RSS aggregator extension for it.
It includes microreviews that highlight the pros and cons of a representative sample of the entire scope of available RSS aggregators.
We also received several requests from members of our TCNJ community who were using RSS aggregators," recalls Matthew Winkel, web information architect.
And the request might be initiated by another program, such as a Web search engine's indexing bots, RSS aggregators, the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) harvesters, or similar programs that index materials for location on the Web or otherwise facilitate access.
And a significant minority ( but growing fast ( is the number of people who use RSS aggregators to read their favourite websites, instead of web browsers.
NewsReaders (also known as RSS aggregators or feed readers), automatically check, at determined intervals, through a list of RSS enabled web sites picked by the user.
Even better, what if this guide could be syndicated so that people were able to subscribe to it and automatically receive updated versions in their RSS aggregators?
into details." So far, the major RSS aggregators and service providers do not seem to be looking at the massive library market, but Sifry says he is willing to consider site license deals for both businesses and libraries.
She also pointed out that public libraries can create RSS aggregators for community news, and went on to predict that RSS will eventually replace e-mail newsletters and be supported by smart phones, laptops, PDAs, tablet PCs, and Wi-Fi.