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a federation in northeastern Europe and northern Asia

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Gosbank RSFSR was established in 1921 to restore a sound money policy and to provide short-term loans to the economy.
The Narva region, as mentioned, had several Finno-Ugric minorities as well as Russians during the first Estonian independence especially on the small slice of territory east of the Narva river that was annexed to the RSFSR in 1945 (Kurs 1994).
(62) The original position of the RSFSR was to revoke all debt obligations to Europe and the United States on the basis that these debts were neither incurred by the toiling masses nor on their behalf.
An Honourable Geologist of the RSFSR, winner of the Lenin Award and decorated with the Labour Red Banner Order, O.
Thus, as Schmelz says, there was an appreciable generational shift, with Shchedrin taking on the powers of Chair of the Composers' Union of the RSFSR and exercising significant liberality within that role (notwithstanding his later vilification in the West).
Stalno predstavnistvo, RSFSR) otisao u Prag, ali se nije vise vratio u Rusiju.
Usievich, ed.), Moscow: Gosudarstvennoie Uchebno-pedagogicheskoe izdatelstvo MP RSFSR, (pp.
while Northern Ossetia remained within the Russian Federation (RSFSR) as an autonomous republic (ASSR).
In 1988 a new Chapter of Code of Laws on Labour was adopted (Kodeks zakonov o trude RSFSR, Svod zakonov RSFSR, 1988, vol.
Political offenses during the Brezhnev era included "Anti-Soviet Agitation and Propaganda," Article 70 of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR) Criminal Code, and "Parasitism," Article 209.
Status of hunting grounds and numbers of main wild animals in RSFSR. Glavokhota, Moscow, Russia.