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a training program to prepare college students to be commissioned officers

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He added: 'Each region will have a reserve unit consisting of retired military and ROTC graduates.
And three, UO ROTC cadets proved themselves exceptionally well prepared last summer during a 30-day course at Fort Knox, Ky.
What the schools have to do as part of the bargain is not only provide facilities for the ROTC unit to operate, but help the ROTC unit actively recruit qualified students into the program so the [armed forces] can award those students scholarships and, by effect, help fund the school," he continues.
Filmmakers Lucky Guillermo and Peter Parsons hope that with the production of this documentary, and the planned road shows in schools and universities to follow, today's generation will come to know the important contributions made by the Hunter ROTC Guerillas.
For those considering an undergraduate or graduate degree in nursing, enrolling in an ROTC program offers many benefits.
We were excited to help bring the ROTC programs to the front," Edwards says.
As we reach out to cadets, we promote this page, which has been linked to information about several ROTC programs.
Thus, since 2011, with remarkably little opposition, official ties with ROTC have been renewed at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, and City College.
5, have been accepted to college and the school's ROTC program, be eligible to re-enlist and have no more than three dependents.
Ignatius was a soldier," one student in the alumni magazine article, Christel Sacco, says, explaining why she joined ROTC.
He made a career in the Army, retiring in 1969 after 30 years of service, the last few of which were as the "professor of military science" in the UNH ROTC program.
Introducing ROTC to campus wilt have the growing pains any new program does, but it can also add to campus pride.
Unless the university is willing to divorce itself from all involvement with federal funding, it has no business barring ROTC, which is itself a federal program.
Nelson makes clear just how expensive the academies are and that, in terms of quality and longevity in uniform, there is no clear advantage to academy-trained officers over less-costly ROTC officers, who outnumber the former two to one in any given year.