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a training program to prepare college students to be commissioned officers

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What the schools have to do as part of the bargain is not only provide facilities for the ROTC unit to operate, but help the ROTC unit actively recruit qualified students into the program so the [armed forces] can award those students scholarships and, by effect, help fund the school," he continues.
We were excited to help bring the ROTC programs to the front," Edwards says.
As we reach out to cadets, we promote this page, which has been linked to information about several ROTC programs.
5, have been accepted to college and the school's ROTC program, be eligible to re-enlist and have no more than three dependents.
When the Emperor Constantine brought the clerical church into the empire's payroll, as clerics were considered government employees, the church was supported by the government and, in one area or another, the church still receives government money today, not only through ROTC, but in many other projects.
Bryant, had been the professor of military science at the time Boy my father and many others went through ROTC, and it may have been his tour of the UNH campus that persuaded me to go to UNH.
To learn more about ROTC trends, read "Cadets on Campus" in the March 2008 issue of University Business.
Returning ROTC to the campuses of all the nation's most elite schools would benefit students and strengthen the country.
ROTC cadets have multiple fronts on which they must continuously engage.
ROTC shapes the minds and bodies of future American military personnel--those who are projected to be the next generation of Army officers--and here journalist and war correspondent David Axe uses interviews with a representative sampling of ROTC cadets to consider those who choose to become Army officers in modern times.
His latest honor is being named California's Air Force Junior ROTC Cadet of the Year, making him one of the top cadets in the country.
Alan Westfield, his commanding officer in Gonzaga University's ROTC program.
Written by freelance journalist and war correspondent David Axe, Army 101: Inside ROTC in a Time of War is a straight-talk look at the state of the modern Reserve Officers Training Corps, and the lives of the college students who participate in them--in effect, minoring in the military while pursuing degrees in other fields.
of South Carolina's US Army ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) program, AKA the Gamecock Battalion.
The department's goal is to expose ROTC cadets and midshipmen to the study of languages and cultures of the world critical to national security," said David S.