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gradually decreasing in tempo

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For his part, Dr Yousuf Al-Assaf, President of RIT Dubai, said the university is proud to host the first-of-its-kind event that will play a contributory role to Arabic literature and Arab culture at large.
7bn of assets while RIT Capital Partners manages about PS2.
Sources said it was too early to say what an RIT takeover would mean for Alliance Trust's West Marketgait base in Dundee.
Appreciating the efforts of his team, he said that tax collection target could be achieved due to hectic efforts of the officials and officers of RIT office.
One of those shots was when Brandon Thompson converted a rebound off a slap shot from the point to give RIT a 1-0 lead at 5:46.
RIT Capital Partners posts net assets of more than GBP 2bn.
When HRT and RIT are used together, they kill the virus and the infected cells, respectively.
RIT Dubai plays a prominent role in developing a valuable national task force in the UAE, especially in the engineering and technology space.
RIT Capital Partners Plc (LSE: RCP), a London-based investment trust with net assets of around GBP1.
Abushagur, a native of Libya, who lived in Brighton, NY when he taught engineering at the RIT Henrietta campus, was on Libya's "Most Wanted" list, having opposed former Libyan leader Muammar Al Qathafi.
The technology incubator is a place for people with small business ideas to get the space and support," said Dr Mustafa Abushagur, president of RIT Dubai.
Considered an aggressive estate planning technique, the RIT has been used as a means of shifting the future appreciation of an asset from one individual to another.
RIT, a top research university in the US, has already opened a campus in Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, with classes starting August 24.
Controlled studies to determine the actual risk and benefit of RIT in this setting are warranted.
I literally cried when I got my acceptance letter from RIT," the 20 year old from Ohio recalls.