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gradually decreasing in tempo

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"The results were very good and this is a very good product for specialty label and packaging printers," said Tim Richardson, digital printing technologist at RIT and the chief tester of Kromekote Label.
"am e riT RAM ' s 100 percent low-floor, energy-efficient and cost effective design is uniquely engineered for North America's sustainable cities." More information is available at: www.ameritram.com.
Where still viable, it is important that the sales contract for a RIT involving the retention of a life estate require that the purchaser (the remainderperson) pay full and adequate consideration for the remainder interest (there is a split in the courts regarding whether adequate consideration should be measured by the remainder interest or by the value of the entire property).
RIT Dubai is seeking partnerships with UAE and foreign companies that want locally-sourced talent.
In the phase I trial, 24 relapsed or refractory low-grade B-cell NHL patients, who had received a median of three prior regimens, were treated with escalating doses of RIT based on patient-specific organ dosimetry.
When Kennedy arrived at RIT, she knew that, as a student with a disability, she was far from alone.
Also involved are John Crassidis, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at the University at Buffalo, the twin brother of RIT's Agamemnon Crassidis; Kevin Wyffels, an RIT mechanical engineering graduate student; Calspan-UB Research Center and L-3 Communications Corp.
GCCIS is a part of a large 15,000-plus student population at RIT, which offers 340 career-oriented and professional programs.
"RIT is one of the leading technology universities and we are pleased to be working with them on this important initiative."
A Navy fact sheet notes "historically, there has been no direct link between mission requirements of fleet units and the training sailors received." RIT addresses this problem by using human resources practices in the corporate sector.
The Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) recently announced the launch of a new fuel cell industry partnership, the goal of which is to "provide for the logistics, guidance and sharing of information associated with the development of direct methanol fuel cells (DMFCs) for the portable electronics market, particularly as it pertains to end-of-life strategies."
Glenbrook Technologies (Randolph, NJ, www.glenbrooktech.com) has announced that the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT, Rochester, NY) has selected a Jewel Box 70-T real-time x-ray inspection system for use in the surface-mount technology laboratory of its Center for Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly (CEMA).
In their quest to find and showcase the best, the makers of Rit Dye are launching their year-round "Are you Crafty?" contests, rewarding consumers for their creative use of their product to brighten their lives with colorful seasonal creations.
The new Reverse Integrity Test (RIT) rings can save time and costs when testing joint integrity, including on emergency shutdown valves.
RiT Technologies has supplied advanced PatchView for the Enterprise systems to BellSouth, a Fortune 100 communications services company.