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The second program is titled the "year-round reformulated gasoline" RFG program or, more simply, the reformulated gas program and was implemented in December 1994.
Corresponding to the federal energy laws discussed here, state governments have followed suit through varying degrees of incentives and laws pertinent to ethanol in RFG. Table 1 shows a list of U.S.
Ethanol has become the major oxygenate used in the Oxygenated Fuel Program and the Reformulated Gas (RFG) Program, which were established by the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 to reduce air pollution in urban areas.
(8) Contrary to other commodities, RFG began listing on NYMEX in November 1994.
Through 2005, ethanol was primarily used in gasoline to meet a minimum oxygenate requirement for RFG. (46) RFG is used to reduce vehicle emissions in areas that are in severe or extreme nonattainment of National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for ground-level ozone.
The baseline utilized was 1998 before California decided on a ban for MTBE and used the previous RFG blend, RFG Phase II instead of the latest, RFG Phase III.
Under the Clean Air Act of 1990, passed with the emphatic support of the first Bush administration, the EPA was given the power to mandate the use of RFG blends that include oxygenates such as ethanol and methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE).
In the US the main environmental concern is what causes cancer to the human being, hence its market is dominated by a wide variety of reformulated gasolines (RFG), while in Europe the main concern is global warming with the mix of gasoil (mainly for heating) and diesel (mainly as motor fuel) heading towards zero emission.
While RFG remains a mortgage brokerage firm, Robinson is working toward her dream of founding an actual lending institution.
SERENA Software have revealed findings from the report, The Value of Change Management, recently published by the Robert Frances Group (RFG).
Dano renal por mas de 3 meses, definido como anomalias estructurales o funcionales del rinon con o sin disminucion de la RFG que se manifiestan por: * Anomalias patologicas (biopsia).
The RFG said the asylum-seekers problem was costing the cross-Channel rail freight business pounds 8m a week and that 8,000 jobs could be lost if services continued to be disrupted.
Here in Milwaukee we have the new Phase II Reformulated Gasoline (RFG II), but also have to cope with a mandated 10 percent ethanol content.
As the business world moves increasingly to e-commerce, such enterprise-class Unix systems are increasingly surrounding and supplanting IBM's venerated mainframes, according to new research published by the Robert Frances Group (RFG).
Till will work closely with RFG founder and chief exec Simon Franks.