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a recurring sleep state during which dreaming occurs

(Roentgen Equivalent Man) the dosage of ionizing radiation that will cause the same amount of injury to human tissue as 1 roentgen of X-rays

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Monitoring their sleeping patterns, researchers identified an increase in the duration and continuity of REM sleep and specific brain oscillations characteristic of REM sleep, whereas 'deep' sleep, or non-REM sleep, did not change.
But Remington knew the .280 was a good cartridge, and in 1979 it decided to re-release the cartridge as the 7mm Rem. Express.
As I said, the two coincidental incidents sparked my interest in acquiring my own Sako .222 Rem. Mag.
Now a team of Japanese scientists has located two genes that appear to switch the REM dreaming state on.
The rules also state that the developer shall begin converting eligible CTS accounts to REM not later than the 18th, 24, 30th, and 36th month depending on the type of account.
The researchers found that the adjusted hazard ratio (HR) for the composite cardiovascular end point among the 180 with severe REM OSA (≥30 events/hour) was 1.35 (95 percent confidence interval, 0.98 to 1.85), compared to the reference group of REM AHI <5.0 events/hour (1,758 patients).
The restricted definition: [AHI.sub.REM] [greater than or equal to] 5 and [AHI.sub.NREM] < 5, with a total REM sleep duration of at least 30 minutes.
The people who developed dementia spent an average of 17 percent of their sleep time in REM sleep, compared to 20 percent for those who did not develop dementia.
The study found that as the amount of REM sleep decreased, the risk of dementia increased.
Edging and straps: With A and cir needle, beg at beg of rnd, pick up and knit 70 sts along first half of CO edge, pm, pick up and knit 70 sts along rem CO edge--140 sts.
Rem is a likeable character who continues to suffer losses throughout the dark exploration of murder, violence, and science.
Where will the trend to less REM metalwork and more electronics go next?
22 September 2016 - UK-based lithium and rare earth minerals investor Rare Earth Mineral Plc (AIM: REM) (OTC: REMMY) has agreed to acquire a further 4.5m existing ordinary shares in Canada-based, Northern Mexico-focused lithium and borate mining exploration firm Bacanora Minerals Ltd (TSX: BCN) for a consideration of GBP 4.5m (USD 5.84m), the company said.
REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, the stage of sleep in which dreaming occurs, plays an important role in memory formation, according to animal research described online May 13, 2016 in the journal Science.