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the network in the reticular formation that serves an alerting or arousal function

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Duplex sonography can discriminate ≥60% RAS from <60% RAS accurately.
In the 98 patients with ischemic heart failure, 3 patients with RAS received renal artery stent implantation and were not included in this study.
Specific considerations include: shingle aggregate gradation, performance grade (PG) of the virgin and RAS binder and relative reduction of the virgin asphalt binder due to replacement by RAS binder.
First, the final RAS product must be sized and screened such that 100 percent passes a 1/2-inch sieve screen.
Notably, since Sweden became a member of the European Union in 1995, and the import restriction rules for reptiles were removed, a marked increase in RAS was observed in that country (6).
Schroer said in his seminar presentation MoDOT accepted the industry argument that a deleterious materials limit of 3 percent (cumulative total of all debris) in the shingle product was reasonable given the relatively low percentage (5 percent maximum) of RAS allowed in the HMA.
According to Fred Gaschen, Executive Vice President, RAS, "We are experiencing impressive gains in the average number of monthly procedures by using our equipment more efficiently.
LogicLibrary has been a staunch supporter of the RAS from its inception," said Brent Carlson, vice president of technology at LogicLibrary.
The operating profit amounted to RUR2,9 bln ($92,4 mln) (which is 25,0 % less than this under RAS), however earnings before income tax, deprecation and amortization (EBITDA) is equivalent to the similar indicator under RAS and totals RUR5,3 bln ($169,0 mln).
Evgeny Mayevsky, the Vice Director for Research of ITEB RAS and a prominent Russian scientist.
Perle Systems Limited (OTC-BB:PERL) (TSX:PL) a developer and manufacturer of networking products for IP and e-business access, today reiterated its commitment to lead the RAS and Router marketplace.
The services will be delivered under an agreement wherein BCE Emergis will not only deliver services to RAS, but will also work with RAS to offer the same services to the underwriter's third-party administrator clients and their employer health plans.
Perle Systems Limited (OTCBB:PERL) (TSE:PL) a developer and manufacturer of networking products for IP and e-business access, today reached out to end-users of Intel/Shiva remote access servers by announcing that Perle RAS Dial-out software has been upgraded to now support Windows(R) XP desktops.
The decision to sell the DataFire RAS business is consistent with our strategy of focusing on Connectware(TM) growth markets," said Joe Dunsmore, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Digi International.