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someone who forces another to have sexual intercourse

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Raper, an expert on social media in the workplace, says the posting of hurtful Facebook posts is comparable with workplace bullying and harassment, and has the potential to compromise a firm's reputation.
After the interval, Raper returned to the table for his second shot at Naeem, but this time the Lindley man was in no mood to take prisoners and totally overpowered his opponent 84-23 to wrap up a splendid (if slightly unexpected) whitewash and send his side into the quarter-finals.
In the late 60s, Mr Raper served in Berlin, Germany, and for a time guarded Nazi Rudolf Hesse in Spandau Jail.
Little was known about George Raper, but, during the process of researching this book, I have been lucky enough to explore his extraordinary life in more depth and find new source documents.
Ms Hirst said: "It was vital that he (Mr Wood) was supervised at all times while bathing, but David Raper had three other residents to care for.
Lawrence worked with Raper and NSDL agricultural engineer Ted Kornecki to design rollers with specifications to address the needs of the local community.
Raper clearly defines her terms and provides the reader with background information for reservations, tribes, sovereignty, treaties, and identity.
The group has offices across the UK and with ambitious plans to develop edp in Wales and the South West, Mr Raper takes over the role of directing operations within the region.
There are other collections of Raper paintings in London and in the Mitchell Library in Sydney and comparisons were thus possible.
I said I would fill in, and I guess I'm still here,'' Raper said with a chuckle.
Raper of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven, Germany.
I have so many students tell me social studies used to be their least favorite subject and now it's their favorite," says Raper, who has seen student scores rise on the state's required history test for fifth graders.
Australian team manager Gerard Raper last night confirmed that Bailey had sustained two fractures to his eye socket in the Kanga-first Test winroos' 2 2-18 over Great Britain.
Raper had planned to step down at the end of the season to return to his native Australia for family reasons but the club announced yesterday morning he would be leaving with immediateeffect.
nWIGAN coach Stuart Raper, who had earlier announced his plan to leave the club at the end of the season, was sacked yesterday morning following defeat by Widnes on Saturday.