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someone who forces another to have sexual intercourse

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This class of medications decreases the ability of DNA chains to lengthen, preventing viral reproduction; it also inhibits viral insertion into the host DNA (Karch, 2017; Raper & Dobbs, 2016).
Quarter-finals: Jack Chesswas/Ben Holt (Brockholes BC) (2) 21 Elliot Heap/Mark Heap (Broad Oak BC) (2) 9, Amelia Hudson/Norman Raper (Shepley BC) (3) 21 Scott Singleton/Sam Richardson (Almondbury Lib) (5) 13, Tom Wiltshire/Rob Wiltshire (Penistone BC) (1) 21 Sophie McCaffrey/Liam Sykes (Brockholes BC) (2) 8, Cameron Ghaffar/Guy Beaumont (Alm Lib/ Crosland Moor) (2) 9 Ethan Wareing/Jack Wareing (Kirk Con/PENISTONEBC)(2) 21.
Raper added he somehow knew that Gasnier wasn't at the best state of health, but he believed that he would recover for the better.
Commonsense would dictate that one could not write and therefore publish insulting and threatening comments about another employee," the Age quoted Raper as telling the Sydney Law School's Labour Law Conference.
What makes it so hard to take is that Carly has beaten Raper, and in Germany a couple of weeks back Carly won her two fights while her rival lost," Scott told me.
The next step was to begin the search to uncover the real George Raper, a search that took me across the world and back again.
At the station, Raper introduced himself to Larry Alan Lamm, age 22, and ushered him into a tiny interrogation room, the size of a small cell with a table, a few chairs, and a mirror obviously made of one-way glass.
She said Mr Raper left Mr Wood unattended while he went to assist another resident, and "four or five minutes later" he returned to see Mr Wood lying face down in the bath.
The rollers have the potential to help some producers save a lot of money," says Randy Raper, an agricultural engineer at the ARS National Soil Dynamics Laboratory (NSDL) in Auburn.
The Native American People: Sovereignty and Land Rights by Elaine Both Raper.
Simon Raper has joined the the group's design consultancy eastlake design partnership (edp) in Cardiff.
These were a collection of paintings by the First Fleet artist George Raper who was on HMS Sirius.
Executive Director Nancy Raper has been working for the chamber for about 20 years.
Raper of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven, Germany.