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the basic unit of money in South Africa

United States writer (born in Russia) noted for her polemical novels and political conservativism (1905-1982)


a rocky region in the southern Transvaal in northeastern South Africa

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3 billion) a year, after one-off costs of up to E20 billion, according to a study published Thursday by the Rand Europe think tank.
The Britain's Healthiest Company (BHC) study, a geographically confused title for what is in fact a UK-wide research study, is conducted by VitalityHealth, Mercer, the University of Cambridge and RAND Europe.
Entitled Cyber Defence in CSDP Crisis Management Operations, this workshop will provide attendees with a deeper understanding of Cyber Defence research at RAND Europe as well as a wider understanding of the Cyber Defence needs in the context of CSDP crisis management operations.
The meeting also presented the outcomes of the survey conducted by Rand Europe Organization on researchers' views at TRC's programs and their expected impact, as well as the report on the outcomes of the science and technology indicators 2013 and the annual report for TRC for 2014.
The calculations were based on existing studies by the think tank Rand Europe and the consultancy KPMG.
Hans Pung, President of the think tank Rand Europe, said that in his view the 2% GDP target was not suf-ficient to make Nato's forces operationally capable and efficient.
Sweden, June 21 -- To make an impact on new HIV infections globally, antiretroviral (ARV)-based HIV prevention strategies need to be closely tailored to local contexts and cultures, according to a new report released by RAND Europe and AIDS Foundation of Chicago.
Similarly, the Rand Europe research group published a paper concluding that, "Demographers and economists foresee that 30 million Europeans of working age will `disappear' by 2050.