RAM disk

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(computer science) a virtual drive that is created by setting aside part of the random-access memory to use as if it were a group of sectors

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It also can be used as a SCSI RAM disk to satisfy those applications requiring maximum response performance.
I allocate 128K to main memory (bringing it up to the DOS limit of 640K) and use the remaining 640K for RAM disk.
When you create a RAM disk, you can store programs and data there just as if it was a disk drive.
Looking at the following results for sequential writes of 80 character records, one can get an idea of how much of the time is spent on I/O by comparing the RAM disk to the hard disk with no cache.
Virtual Hard Drive mimics a RAM disk drive to store files in non-swappable physical memory.
Our tests show that the E-Disk(R) offered speeds four times faster than an older RAM disk and about 15 times faster than magnetic disk drives.
This high-performance device employs dual Xeon processors and up to 12 Gigabyte of RAM disk, which greatly enhances performance in SQL applications.
This allows applications such as embedded web servers to operate standalone without the need of a RAM disk or remote file system to store static web pages.