random access memory

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the most common computer memory which can be used by programs to perform necessary tasks while the computer is on

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They chose the new Dallas Semiconductor Clock/CMOS RAM chip from Resource 800 to provide their PC systems with an inexpensive Year 2000 solution.
Using RAM chips more than 4 GB capacity will handle more apps that demand high graphics and huge memory.
Sakamoto said his company had commanded around 40% of global market for mobile RAM chips until the end of last year.
The keys are meant to disappear as soon as the RAM chips lose power.
Compared with current RAM chips, which switch bits "on" using silicon-based electronic transistors, memory based on such mechanical switches might pack in similar amounts of data while producing only half as much heat, Amaratunga says.
Ferroelectric RAM chips are also thought be planned by Samsung, requiring less power and offering faster data processing speeds than flash memory.
MSI's VIA KT-4 board has three memory slots for adding up to 3GB of high speed DDR333 RAM chips, a slot for an AGP EUR8 graphics card and a built-in soundcard that supports 5.
It is also possible that one of your RAM chips has gone out and your computer is running with insufficient RAM (back to cause no.
Manufacturers stopped or sharply reduced production in many factories in the Far East last year after a 3-1/2-year glut caused prices to fall to a record low, and new supplies of super-fast RAM chips with double the previous top speed have been slowed by glitches.
Holographic crystals have a theoretical storage limit of 125 MB per cubic centimeter or about 1,000 times more storage than currently available on RAM chips.
In a switch from just two years ago, the ever-critical RAM chips are now both abundant and inexpensive.