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a generic name for digital lines that are provided by telephone companies to their local subscribers and that carry data at high speeds

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net) unique Traverser(TM) Digital Video and Data Delivery System (DVDDS), utilizing new RADSL technology, delivers MPEG2 encoded digital video simultaneously with 1 Mbps Internet access and voice service.
mPhase utilizes RADSL (Rate Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line) technology and a patented delivery and access system to provide a bundled solution to telcos and their customers.
Cisco is supplying CAP-based RADSL gear to US West; FNC/Orckit is supplying gear to GTE; and Alcatel is supplying gear to BellSouth, Bell Atlantic, Ameritech, and SBC.
The Spectrum 8950-Series Manufacturing Platform delivers test capabilities for full rate ADSL, RADSL and G.
The NLevel3 system is a fully integrated service platform -- from all line card slots the system can support any mix of narrowband phone services as well as data and video services using any variant of RADSL and VDSL (CAP, QAM or DMT/G.