black rat

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common household pest originally from Asia that has spread worldwide

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Escudo: Medula de forma reticular (R. rattus) (C), medula de forma alveolar (Mus musculus) (E) y (R.
We initially genotyped R. rattus rat samples positive for Leptospira 16S rRNA by sequencing [approximately equal to]300 bp of the lfb1 gene using standard primers and thermal profile (6).
(1995) reported a heavy population of the house rat (R. rattus) in the grain markets of Rawalpindi city but there was no mention of the presence of Norway rat in the area.
Of animal spleen samples collected, 5 samples from R. rattus rats were positive for Y.
norvegicus and R. rattus between cities and villages (Bilenca et al., in press).
perenensis rats than in R. rattus rats (p<0.05).
norvegicus and R. rattus. This species was first recorded in Chile by Thompson (1940) on R.
We collected 378 serum samples from 11 native Tenrecidae (Afrosoricida) tenrecs, 114 samples from 6 native Nesomyidae (Rodentia) rodents, and 471 samples from introduced R. Rattus (Muridae, Rodentia) rats (online Technical Appendix, EID/article/19/6/12-1074-Techapp1.
norvegicus and R. rattus rat populations across the United States and Asia (14-18).
Species such as mice (Mus spp.) and rats (mainly Rattus norvegicus and R. rattus) serve as reservoirs for their host-related serovars (3).