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a heavy odorless colorless gas formed during respiration and by the decomposition of organic substances

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A climate-friendly alternative is the refrigerant R-744 (C[O.
The R-744 cycle additionally contains an internal heat exchanger.
The recovered R-744 is stored under pressure in a vacuum insulated tank under the chassis of the truck or articulated trailer.
Just like conventional HFC refrigerants, the liquid R-744 changes state (into a gas) as its pressure drops on leaving the expansion valve and rapidly absorbs heat energy in the process.
Only a few correlations were developed for R-744 two-phase flow: Martin et al.
A correlation between flow coefficients for one-phase flow of R-744 and other test media cannot be found in the available literature.
This is due to the very low GWP of R-1234yf, R-717 and R-744.
The high-efficiency refrigeration systems utilizing low GWP refrigerants, including R-1234yf, R-717, and R-744, can drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions as compared to the baseline R-404A multiplex DX refrigeration system.
In that sense, R-744 has been the focus of research for use in many refrigeration applications, such as heat pumps (Mukaiyama 2002), air conditioners (Hafner et al.
R-744 pressures are recorded with strain-gauge transducers at the outlet of each heat exchanger and inside the compressor's second-stage (high pressure) suction chamber.
Kim and Kim Counter flow-type heat Experimentation and (2002) exchanger with concentric simulation were performed dual tubes using showing that as mass R-774/134a and R-744/290 fractions of R-744 mixtures.
2]-based refrigeration system for ice rinks that was developed in this project is a unique refrigeration system that uses the natural refrigerant R-744 (carbon dioxide) as primary and secondary working fluid (this system has Canadian patents with U.
2] transcritical compression range completing the company's R-744 offering.
Company representatives said that while R-744 is not now widely used in China, the market will grow with China's concern for environmental impact and as sales volume exerts pressure to lower prices.