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a punctuation mark used to attribute the enclosed text to someone else

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Quotation marks only denote that the phrase contained between the quotation marks is, you know, a quote.
3 (2008) (internal quotation marks omitted)) which international agreements regularly feature; and treaty language indicating 'that the intent of the treaty drafters' was that such benefits 'could be vindicated' through private enforcement (Suarez, 791 F.
Capitalize the first word of a statement or a question that forms part of a sentence, whether or not it is set off by quotation marks.
The guy insisted that commas go outside, not inside, quotation marks.
The controversy was over the use of the word "terrorist" within quotation marks by some news outlets.
He gives the ampersand, asterisk, dagger, hyphen, dash, and quotation marks their due, along with the aforesaid marks, but also provides a delightful essay on irony and sarcasm, including ironics and digital sarcasm.
However, whenever I want to talk about a word, that word is put within quotation marks.
To wit: (1) yes, commas and periods that come at the end of quoted material are properly placed within the quotation marks, even though it may at times seem illogical to put them there; (2) yes, commas are properly placed between coordinate adjectives; (3) yes, dashes are properly indicated by double hyphens in typewritten copy (how else, when before the coming of type balls and printwheels, typewriters had no dash keys?
The plain implication of that second pair of quotation marks is that I said or wrote the thing quoted therein.
24, 1998) (internal quotation marks omitted), available at http://www.
The intriguing prose, without quotation marks and with an alternate spelling style, is easy to adapt to and contributes to the strong narrative voice.
Identify when to use quotation marks and/or cite a source when writing reports.
at 355 [some internal quotation marks omitted], quoting Miller v Continental Ins.
It comes down to something as silly as a set of quotation marks.
Most people know basic search tricks, such as placing quotation marks around a full name or phrase when you want Google to treat it as a unit rather than separate words.