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a prefabricated hut of corrugated iron having a semicircular cross section


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Originally headquartered in several World War II-Era Quonset huts on campus, Michigan's oldest educational television station has provided quality programming in the Great Lakes State for 65 years.
Jerry headed over to the Quonset hut for the final briefing: while the main force of B-29s would bomb the aircraft factories, another handful of B-29s and P-61s [Northrop Black Widow night fighters] would fly alongside the P-5 Is to Japan, solely for the purpose of providing navigation for the P-51s (both the P-61s and the B-29s had radar/tracking systems).
In 1949, local merchant Sid Bartlett purchased a surplus Quonset hut from the U.S.
Goddard's Quonset hut grew rapidly, and at one time he had in his custody more than $35 million in U.S.
You'll see an old pickup truck covered with flowering vines, decaying outbuildings, even an old Quonset hut. The housing stock is eclectic, to say the least.
They kept coming back to two different forms of architecture: the earth-sheltering design of the traditional Aleut sodhouse, the barabara and the Quonset hut, which he calls "a tremendously practical structure."
Marine Corps boot camp is just as tough as they say, and, on Christmas morning 1969, this private was less than thrilled to be summoned to the drill instructor's office--a Quonset hut alongside the other four Quonset huts that housed Platoon 1224.
Habitus: Type I looks like an open-ended, mini Quonset hut, and is modeled on the Anderson bomb shelter, a mass-produced, corrugated-metal shed that British families erected in their gardens during the war.
One night we were walking back from the enlisted men's club to our Quonset hut after some beers, and I sang out "a stone, a leaf, an unfound door." Jack asked in an irritated tone, "What does that mean?" "I don't know, but it sounds good." And I think that's one of the reasons I began reading Wolfe: it sounded good.
Record companies would book their signings into the RCA studios and Owen Bradley's Quonset Hut studios.
"We are often thought of as a Quonset hut manufacturer, and we are there to show this customer segment that we do so much more," says Rob Poellnitz, Vice President of SteelMaster Buildings.
More recent additions include Bonacquisti Wine Company (4640 Pecos) and The Infinite Monkey Theorem (located in a Quonset hut near 5th Avenue and Santa Fe Drive).
On the bulkhead inside the quonset hut, Elroy Williams zeroes in on a fly.
We lived in a Quonset hut with an added-on palm-thatched "open air living room." A long walk away, British friends lived in a stilt house with a rounded, conical thatch roof which looked kinda like a beehive.
What began quaintly enough one autumn day in 1965 in a spartan Quonset hut classroom at the Iowa Writers Workshop endured for more than forty years surviving the suicide death of her husband and the failure of Vonneguts two marriages.