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a city in northwestern Iran

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What they do is take Alevi dedes to Iran's city of Qum to use them for their plans," he explained.
His success in restoring traditional Shiite doctrine would relocate the theological center of gravity from Qum in Iran to Najaf in Iraq, thus posing a mortal threat to the ideological justification of the Iranian regime.
The adult Safeguard comes in two versions and four color options: Black, Realtree, Lost Qum, and Safeguard Pink.
One of the targets was the deep, underground Fordo plant near Qum where Iran is producing most of its medium-enriched uranium which could be converted to bomb grade material in a matter of months.
Tehran is said to have nearly completed a nuclear enrichment plan with the last of 3,000 uranium centrifuges installed at the underground site of Fordo, near the holy city of Qum.
The International Atomic Energy Agency recently reported that, over the summer, Iran doubled the number of centrifuges at its Fordow site near Qum, giving it three-quarters of the needed centrifuges to complete the site and feeding fears that Iran will be able to produce nuclear fuel at a protected site within a few months.
"American officials have repeatedly tried to assure the Israelis that they have the country's back - and to remind them that Israel does not have the ability, by itself, to destroy the facility, built beneath a mountain outside Qum," the New York Times reports.
In a statement to the press on Wednesday in Qum City, Abdullahian, condemned the foreign meddling in the affairs of the countries of the region, particularly in Syria's affairs, saying that Syria is facing an international coalition of more than 70 political systems which represent the peak of hypocrisy and duplicity.
Students Justice, Students of the Islamic World, Independent Union of Islamic Student Groups, The Office for Implementation of Unity, Islamic Society of Students, The International Union of the Unified Ummah, Group of Seminary Students of the Islamic Awakening, Institute for the representatives of the Islamic seminary students of Qum, Institute for Religious Dialogue.
But American and European diplomats have said the US and its European allies will demand that Iran immediately dismantle the new Fordo uranium-enrichment facility buried deep under a mountain near Qum, halt all production of uranium fuel enriched to 20 percent purity, which is considered just a few technical steps from weapons-grade purity, and ship stockpiles of that fuel out of the country.
US: A stealth surveillance drone operated by the CIA penetrated deep inside Iran over three years ago, snapped images of Iran s secret nuclear facility at Qum and returned home, The Washington Post reported late Saturday.
The son was no longer interested in his religion, while the father went on to become a servant at one of the famous holy shrines in the religious city of Qum. The son learns that he is dying of lung cancer and although "far from him" in spirit, he sets out to find and reconcile with his father (towards him).
High risk medicines (HRM) can be defined as those which have a heightened risk of causing significant or catastrophic harm when used in error and include heparin and other anticoagulants as well as chemotherapy (QUM 2009).