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Synonyms for qi

the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things

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Carleton's analysis of the contribution of writers to this discussion is quite interesting.
The attachments that an ATV can use and the work it can do are quite interesting.
Whether he's right for the job remains open to debate, and how he comports himself during the confirmation process should be quite interesting.
Mizukami's temple-related building maintenance business is quite interesting, and is a good reflection of how he has combined his inside knowledge of temple operations and personal network of head monks into win-win revenue.
I found the story on the Stonechild inquiry quite interesting.
It is historically quite interesting to note just how often composers in those three time periods merely sketched out melodies, keyboard parts and percussion parts, fully expecting performers to "fill them in" according to accepted practices.
The memories beguile him--"We did some quite interesting things together which I liked doing .
The clear glass bottles and three stripes trademark are sufficiently manly and appealing and the `science-bit' is actually quite interesting.
They're talking and the networking we're creating through this is quite interesting.
The item about Neighbourhood Forums is quite interesting, as I myself as a founding member of Smethwick Community Forum in Sandwell a near neighbour of Birmingham, do not have access to a conference on Neighbourhood Forums to attend, nor at the moment, I suspect do other forums in Sandwell neighbourhood or otherwise.
Although I did not appreciate the "One Way" illustration on the cover of your May issue, I did find Smietana's article quite interesting and instructive.
It was quite interesting to learn about the influence that these four people have had on social work education, practice and philosophy.
Based on these concept vehicles, the next generation of Saabs should be quite interesting.