Quincke's edema

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recurrent large circumscribed areas of subcutaneous edema

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Quincke's edema is an angioneurotic edema or giant hives that differs from ordinary hives in skin defeat depth.
If you don't render help to Quincke's edema patients, they can perish from edema of larynx and ceiling of access of air to lungs.
Treatment of Quincke's edema is the first aid - eliminate the action of allergen, quiet the patient, provide access to fresh air ( take off tie/belt, unbutton collar, open the window), get a cold compress and lay it on the staggered area for diminishing of itch and edema, begin to drip into nose vasoconstrictor drops (for example Naphthyzinum).
A prophylaxis of Quincke's edema is to cure all types of chronic infections - carious teeth or adenoids, because they assist general allergization of organism.