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a treacherous situation that tends to entrap and destroy

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a pit filled with loose wet sand into which objects are sucked down

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Finding it impossible, from quicksands and other dangerous impediments, to cross the river in this neighborhood, he kept up along the south fork for two days, merely seeking a safe fording place.
When I got out, through the sand-hills, on to the beach, there she was, in her little straw bonnet, and her plain grey cloak that she always wore to hide her deformed shoulder as much as might be-- there she was, all alone, looking out on the quicksand and the sea.
She snatched her hand off my shoulder, and suddenly pointed down to the quicksand.
So overboard he goes again, to hunt for another Ararat and find another quicksand.
The poor dear grew white as death, and shook and shivered, as I have seen a quicksand shake and shiver at the incoming of the tide.
There were seniors who had requisitioned a chance-met Rajah's elephant, in the name of St Francis Xavier, when the Rains once blotted out the cart-track that led to their father's estate, and had all but lost the huge beast in a quicksand.
Noel said: "Custard is a fluid with an identity crisis and the workshop explains the reasons behind this as well as the importance of other fluids such as quicksands and slimes.
Morecambe Bay's 120 square miles of swirling currents and constantly-shifting sands include some of the most treacherous quicksands in Britain.
Some of his team were among around 200 picking in Morecambe Bay on Wednesday but withdrew because of particularly difficult tides, the quicksands and the swirling fog.
During filming, actor Charlie Lawson spotted the windsurfers were in serious difficulties when they became trapped on quicksands.
McDowell provides a compelling reading of Quicksands final chapters as a commentary on lola Leroy (96-97).