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a set of standards adopted by the moving pictures experts group for the compression of digital video and audio data or a file of data compressed according to those standards

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New Delhi, April 15, 2016 - Apple is pulling support for QuickTime for Windows on the heels of Trend Micro's Zero Day Initiative's discovery of two new, critical vulnerabilities affecting the software.
The US government and TrendMicro are both recommending that all Windows users uninstall QuickTime immediately thanks to critical vulnerabilities that Apple has no intention of fixing.
Intego's Virus Monitoring Center is keeping a close eye on this bug and whether malicious users are attempting to add payload to QuickTime files.
Full support for QuickTime 7 from Apple, including global deployment of the QuickTime Streaming Server, has been introduced by Interoute, a connected voice and data network operator in Europe.
QuickTime 5 for US English versions of Mac OS can be downloaded free of charge from http://www.
Jobs said that competitive offerings all required payments for server-side software, whereas the QuickTime server would run on any MacOs, Linux or NT system supporting the RTP real time protocol and RTSP real time streaming protocol.
QuickTime's multi-platform technology enables QuickTime files to be viewed on any Windows or Mac-based system while ensuring that the files look and sound exactly the way they were intended when created.
With over a million downloads of the Windows Media Components for QuickTime to date, user response has exceeded our expectations.
Macintosh developer Apple Computer Corp has posted its QuickTime 6 MPEG-4 player on its web site for free download.
Rounding on accusations in the vice president of software engineering's testimony that Compaq Computer Corp did not bundle Apple's QuickTime because it was afraid of Microsoft's reaction, he played snippets of testimony from Compaq's director of software procurement Steven Decker.
1, enabling individuals with Intel-based Macintosh computers to compress screen recordings such as multimedia tutorials, presentations, screencasts, and animated content for cross-platform playback via QuickTime on Macintosh and Windows computers.
The Gates deposition yesterday (see Top Stories) also touched on the major topic of Apple's Avadis Tevanian Jr's written testimony - allegations that Redmond pressured Apple to drop its QuickTime multimedia product.
Enterprise networks are particularly vulnerable and organizations should take immediate action to identify affected machines, as the likelihood that the immensely popular QuickTime and iTunes applications are installed on their network is extremely high.
In a newly released deposition Friday, Apple Computer Inc executive Avadis Tevanian charged that Microsoft Corp used "anti- competitive" measures to quash Apple's QuickTime multimedia playback technology, and that Redmond threatened it "would kill Apple in the media playback market.