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a member of the Mayan people of south central Guatemala

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a tart filled with rich unsweetened custard

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the Mayan language spoken by the Quiche

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There was nothing suspicious about me - and it's not even like I was buying a whole quiche to have a binge
I headed to the salad bar to help myself to the accompaniment to my quiche.
AGENEROUSLY-packed quiche with tasty smokey bacon and creamy mature cheddar cheese.
Reduce the oven temperature to 190C375F/gas mark 5 and bake the quiche for 20 minutes when the custard should be just set.
And with lots of tempting flavours available - from traditional quiche lorraine to garlic mush- room and salmon and asparagus - there's bound to be one to tickle every diner's tastebuds.
Traditionally, a quiche is pastry topped with bits of ham and a mixture of cream and eggs; a tourte is pastry with meat, fish or vegetables and an upper as well as a lower crust; and a tart is an open pastry, with cream or fruit.
The Nancy's(R) business offers a full line of quiche products, including entrees and Petite Quiche(R) appetizers.
Contract awarded for municipal subsidy with purchase of pipeline for water, canton pacho chicalte, lemoa village, santa cruz del quiche, quiche.
Last but by no means least is the flavoursome smoked salmon and asparagus quiche where flaked smoked salmon, asparagus and spinach is combined in a creamy quiche mix and encased in a light and crumbly granary and dill pastry.
Lightly grease an 8-inch diameter quiche tin with some oil.
SAINT: Cheese and Onion, Crustless, Asda, 173 cals per 100g SINNER: Cheese and Onion, Co-op, 300cals per 100g SAVING: 127 cals IF EATEN ONCE A WEEK FOR A YEAR YOU SAVE: 6604 cals SAINT: Quiche Lorraine, Light Choices, Tesco, 170 cals per 100g SINNER: Quiche Lorraine, Taste The Difference, Sainsbury's, 305 cals per 100g SAVING: 135 cals IF EATEN ONCE A WEEK FOR A YEAR YOU SAVE: 7020 cals SAINT: Salmon & Asparagus, Healthy Eating, Tesco, 180 cals per 100g SINNER: Salmon & Spinach, Sainsbury's, 254 cals per 100g SAVING: 74 cals IF EATEN ONCE A WEEK FOR A YEAR YOU SAVE: 3848 cals SAINT: Mediterranean Vegetable, WeightWatchers, 173cals per 100g SINNER: Mediterranean Veg, Mini, M&S, 280 cals per 100g SAVING: 107 cals IF EATEN ONCE A WEEK FOR A YEAR YOU save: 5564 cals
Earlier this year Riverside Bakery was looking to secure a major contract for a brand new quiche range from one of the main supermarket giants.
STUNNED shopper Christine Cuddihy was ordered to provide proof of age at Tesco - to buy a slice of quiche.