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the standard typewriter keyboard

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The Q10, on the other hand, will still run BlackBerry 10 but comes equipped with the classic QUERTY keyboard that has branded BlackBerry thus far.
751 Table 3: Factor Definition for Orthogonal Array Column Factor Definition 1 B Querty Keyboard 2 G Swype Texting 3 BxG Interaction of BxG 4 C Touch Screen 5 BxC Interaction of BxC 6 CxG Interaction of CxG 7 A Quick Internet Access 8 D Global Positioning System 9 E Camera 10 AxF Interaction of AxF 11 ExG Interaction of ExG 12 e Error term 13 F Music Player 3 14 AxE Interaction of AxE 15 AxD Interaction of AxD Table 4: Orthogonal array for SmartPhone Experiment 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 No.
Works showing at present include Hertie Querty, a unique exhibition of fun and mischief that will raise a smile, and First Day of My Changing Life, an exciting project involving local youngsters.
Mapping of key input types: DIA-KeyInputCS-NS:1 and Querty 1 .
Typing was performed with a standard Chicony QUERTY keyboard.