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a primitive stone mill for grinding corn by hand

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Evidence was found indicating that red pigments were ground up in both Arroyo Saladillo and Huerta del Cipres, including a red-stained quern in the former and a possible ingot of red pigment in the latter (Cisneros, 2013: 268).
Throughout, juxtaposed images look for the positive to outweigh the negative: "We move in shadows," but "Brodgar has burned on the moor a dance of sun"; "Ring of quern and plough" (a quern is a stone for grinding grain) are charged to "contain/Our tumults of blood"; "The stars' chaos is caught in a strict rein"; the word "stone" is enveloped by "flowers," and "beauty and love"; similarly, "snow" is flanked by "sun" and "seed.
Other finds include copper fragments, textile production, attested by spindle whorls and a loom weight, and numbers of ground stone objects, including agricultural tools such as querns for grinding grain.
A second man, car dealer Neil Querns Anderson, 30, also from Cumbernauld, was cleared by a jury last month of being involved in the smuggling operation.
Finds from the pits include fragmentary and complete pots, bones from cattle, sheep, and goat, marine shells, chipped stone tools, one to four saddle querns, and plant remains.
Not satisfied with this, Richard hired bailiffs forcibly to coil fiscate all domestic querns, even though some tenants had gone so far as to purchase forged deeds to 'prove' their right to exemption.
Though previously considered religious votive offerings carried to Gandhara from Andhra by Buddhist pilgrims, Taddei argues that they were actually decorated querns, and the fine grain of the Andhra stone was considered particularly suitable for grinding delicate substances such as spices or pigments.
Seib, Douglas Manning, Robert Querns and Richard Fethiere, Agronomy Department, University of Florida, for assistance.
Cameron Cairney, aged 24, the father of her son, Connor, and who shared a house with her in Querns Road, Canterbury, had been concerned for her welfare.
The shipwright had heard that Sihtric would be using the vessel as a seagoing, not a coastal, ship--to trade with Scandinavia for precious soapstone, with the Rhineland for silver and querns, and with Brittany for premium gray slate for whetstones.
Jenkinson, also known as Sean Querns, was found dead alongside drug paraphernalia by a friend the following day, the court was told.
Guide Dogs For The Blind pounds 20 In memory of Margaret Querns (Renfrew) 4.
Tim Blake-Bowell, 46, and Emma Blake-Bowell, 35, of Querns Road, Canterbury, Kent, were arrested as part of a wider police investigation into the sex trade.
Prosecutors claimed Neil Querns Anderson had helped organise the shipment.
The presence of the querns and a sparse but diverse collection of seeds from wheat, pulses, hackberry, olive, and grape suggest that this was an area where the final stage of food-processing took place, perhaps a kitchen.