Quercus suber

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medium-sized evergreen oak of southern Europe and northern Africa having thick corky bark that is periodically stripped to yield commercial cork


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Among these trees, Quercus suber and Ficus carica are those which preserve a wide variety of lichens.
De ellos 6 son habitats (Lagos eutroficos naturales con vegetacion Magnopotamion o Hydrocharition; Matorrales Termo-mediterraneos y predeserticos; De Quercus suber y/o Quercus ilex; Bosques de fresnos con Fraxinus angustifolia; Bosques galeria de Salix alba y Populus alba; Galerias riberenas termomeditterraneas (Nerio-Tamaricetea) y del sudoeste de la peninsula iberica (Securinegion tinctoriae)) y 12 se corresponden con taxones del Anexo II.
1) at July 30 2007 and affected an area of [+ or -]40, dominated by Pinus pinaster and Quercus suber trees.
From North to South, the main formations are: Quercus coccifera in the littoral dunes, Quercus suber, the most common tree species, which extends from the wetlands to the massifs, and Quercus canariensis, found only in the fresh and humid upland forests [62].
The forests have a strong level of regeneration and usually include evergreen phanerophytes from the forests with which they are in contact, such as Quercus suber, Quercus rotundifolia and Pinus pinaster s.
Soil samples were collected from the top 50 cm (0-5, 5-10, 10-15, 15-20, 20-30, and 30-50 cm depths) from 3 adjacent sites carrying pasture and monocultures of Pinus radiata (radiata pine) and Quercus suber (cork oak) on a deep-surfaced yellow podzolic soil, and differences in soil pH and other soil chemical properties were examined.
Bosques perennifolios humedos con dominancia de Quercus suber y Q.
Quercus suber Central Italy, near Fossanova Latina (Lucchese, 1996).
Characteristics: Quercus suber 4, Arbutus unedo 3, Phillyrea angustifolia 3, Scilla monophyllos 3, Daphne gnidium 2, Quercus coccifera 2, Olea europaea 2, Osyris quadripartita 2, Asparagus aphyllus 1, Myrtus communis 1.
y alcornocales de (II) la serie climatofila lusoextremadurense silicicola y calcoade mesomediterranea seca superior-subhumeda de los bosques de Quercus suber con Sanguisorba hybrida.
En el ambito de estudio se ha detectado la presencia de 24 habitats de interes comunitario (Tabla 1) representados mediante 35 asociaciones y un tipo no sintaxonomico: Dehesas de Quercus suber (total: 36) (Mapas 2-5).
Para este trabajo hemos seleccionado 12 especies: Quercus suber y Quercus rotundifolia entre los grandes elementos forestales no riparios del territorio; Olea europaea var.