Quercus shumardii

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large deciduous red oak of southern and eastern United States having large seven-lobed to nine-lobed elliptical leaves, large acorns and medium hard coarse-grained wood

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pungens, 2003 Scarlet, Quercus coccinea, 189 114 179 348 2005 Shingle, Quercus imbricaria, 219 105 62 340 1989 Shumard, Quercus shumardii 332 96 96 452 var.
In one case of mistaken identity, the nominator knew a champion when he saw one, he just didn't know Quercus shumardii.
Since Quercus shumardii and Quercus rubra could not distinguished from each other on some of the transects, they were lumped together as Quercus rubra throughout the site.
Quercus rubra of the Family Fagaceae also Quercus falcata, Quercus velutina, Quercus borealis, Quercus shumardii, Quercus coccinea, Quercus nuttallii, Quercus palustris, Quercus laurifolia, and Quercus phellos.
Carya illinoensis, Celtis laevigata, Quercus shumardii, and Q.
falcata, 1999 Swamp chestnut, Quercus michauxii, 197 156 2000 Swamp white, Quercus bicolor, 282 75 1999 (*) Swamp white, Quercus bicolor, 300 68 2000 (*) Texas, Quercus shumardii var.