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Synonyms for Quechuan

the language of the Quechua which was spoken by the Incas

of or relating to the Quechua or their language


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Even a relatively healthy language family like Quechuan does not have a large literary tradition (see Adelaar, with Muysken 2004: 254-6).
Concerns about the effects of the Imperial Project on the Quechuan and other Native Americans were voiced at two public hearings, (11) ultimately prompting the BLM to withdraw the draft DEIS.
An Inca mining expedition (so the story goes) was frightened away by a mysterious thunderous noise from the peak, the name "Potosi being derived from the Quechuan word "potocsi," meaning "place of great noise" (Wallace and Hall-Wallace, 2003).
Quechuan ch'illpiy 'to mark livestock by cutting their ears' is 'earmark'.
She said, not entirely tongue-in-cheek, that she would check her pronunciation of the Quechuan songs at her favorite Peruvian restaurant in St.
The name yacon is a Spanish derivation of the Quechuan word llaqon, which means "watery" or "water root," referring to the juiciness of the tubers.
The present population is Andean with strong Spanish influence and speak only Spanish, although many Quechuan expressions are found in their speech.
In South America the Quechuan Indians of Peru were the first to vulcanize rubber and Andean farmers were the first to freeze-dry potatoes.
In the yard, the clucking of hens competes with the honky-tonk beat of a Quechuan love ballad coming from a radio inside.
Again the wealth of information about the degree of linguistic variation throughout the world is stunning (for example, there are 27 Quechuan languages spoken in Peru).
Leaving the ruins, we're greeted by women in traditional Quechuan dress.
When literature on Quechuan ethics suggested additional foci, we queried the data to see if students' responses and experiences addressed related ideas.
A complication in training is the predominance of the indigenous Quechuan language.