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the French-speaking capital of the province of Quebec

the largest province of Canada

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In recent years, Father Raymond Gravel has been well known in Quebec for his dissident views as a Catholic priest.
Le present article presente un resume des nouvelles informations geologiques disponibles et decrit des cibles d'exploration mises au jour depuis 1997 dans le nord-est de la Province du lac Superieur et qui decoulent du programme d'exploration du Grand Nord de Geologie Quebec.
ca/cooperateur Year first published: 1972 Parent co: Cooperative Federee de Quebec Circ: 20,434 (CCAB).
Used oil collected in Quebec is re-refined at Safety-Kleen's facility in Breslau, Ontario, and returned for re-sale in Quebec.
Under Lesage, Quebec emerged from the strict morality of Catholicism in the sexually permissive 1960s and early 1970s with a newly discovered sense of self.
Also "coming home" to the Quebec cathedral for the weekend was the family of Allen Goodings, the former dean and later bishop of Quebec who died in 1992.
On behalf of Tax Executives Institute (TEI), I am writing to voice our concern about a proposed delay in the reduction of the Quebec capital tax burden.
In partnership with Quebec investors and venture capital firms, the following venture capital firms and guest speakers have confirmed their participation to the event :
The company has a state of the art pilot facility in Sherbrooke, Quebec, and is developing industrial-scale projects with world-class partners for steam and power production applications.
He has discovered that the ministry approved Quebec based-Scierie Landrienne, would purchase the fibre from their Timmins Forest Product operations where they own a 51 per cent share.
A pilot project is under way in four hospitals: CHA de l'Enfant-Jesus in Quebec City, the Centre hospitalier, universitaire de Sherbrooke, the Hopital du Sacre-Coeur de Montreal and the McGill University Health Centre.
The front page headline of Le Soleil (a Quebec City daily) was "L'ordination des femmes est inevitable, affirme Lise Thibault" (Dec.
Some members from the dioceses of Quebec and New Hampshire visited the shipyard in 1999 mad saw the ship under construction.
Lawrence River, Lake Champlain and sections of the New York State Canal System before reaching its various destinations on the Hudson River, Quebec New York 2001 will make stops in Montreal and Chambly before crossing in to U.
A film lover and a purist, Coulombe did a terrific job for many years in promoting Quebec film auteurs, trying to change the long-held cliche in the public psyche that our cinema was boring.