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Synonyms for Quebec

the French-speaking capital of the province of Quebec

the largest province of Canada

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For Gabriel Savard, General Manager of the Office du tourisme, the Quebec region s tourism product must be even further developed between now and 2020 so as to be much better positioned on the international stage.
With the case of this poor and unfaithful priest in mind, we should reflect on the complicity of his bishop and of the Church of Quebec and her inability to defend herself against this open infiltration.
Quebec is recognized as one of the most attractive places in the world for mineral potential and exploration investment climate (see Fraser Institute 2006).
ca Year first published: 1990 Parent co: La Federation des Producteurs de Bois du Quebec Circ: 37,523 (ABC) via insert in La Terre de chez nous.
There are no up-front fees or back-end charges," Pierre Gendron, Safety-Kleen's Quebec market manager, says.
Link's strength in business and financial matters meshed perfectly with Dunning's interest in the creative side of filmmaking, and together they began to furnish theatres with films that most Quebec viewers had never seen before.
The weekend also included a sold-out concert featuring an 80-voice choir under the direction of David Rompre, vocal conductor of the Quebec Symphony Orchestra.
TEI commends the Quebec government for increasing the general paid-up capital deduction, but we urge it to reconsider the decision to defer the implementation of the capital tax rate reduction.
Coon Come: "If Quebec wants to jump in its canoe and paddle away (from Canada), I have a choice.
In fact, the people of Winslow township were caught up in the larger ongoing economic and social crisis of Quebec society, a crisis which was, indeed, the reason why Francophone immigrants had gone to Winslow in the first place.
We consider the Quebec market a strategic and growing sector within the packaging market in Canada," said Luca Naccarato, Executive Vice President of SGS.
Kapel says Quebec legislation dictates no private or public wood leaves their province in a round form.
A pilot project is under way in four hospitals: CHA de l'Enfant-Jesus in Quebec City, the Centre hospitalier, universitaire de Sherbrooke, the Hopital du Sacre-Coeur de Montreal and the McGill University Health Centre.
The front page headline of Le Soleil (a Quebec City daily) was "L'ordination des femmes est inevitable, affirme Lise Thibault" (Dec.
After an absence of many years, the Jeanie Johnston sailed into the harbour at Quebec City from Ireland.