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Synonyms for Quebec

the French-speaking capital of the province of Quebec

the largest province of Canada

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A ban on full-face coverings on anyone giving or receiving public services in Quebec passed in 2017, but was suspended by a Canadian judge last June and remains in legal limbo.The CAQ was elected late last year in part on pledges to restrict immigration and impose a secular charter.
Les candidats d'origine marocaine Moncef Derraji et Marwa Rizqy, du Parti liberal du Quebec (PLQ), ont ete elus a l'Assemblee nationale du Quebec en remportant deux sieges parlementaires aux elections legislatives, organisees lundi.
President and CEO of Manulife Quebec Richard Payette, along with Stephane Vaillancourt, President and CEO of the YMCAs of Quebec, officially announced that the company will support the development of a physical literacy program at the YMCA.
BALLA NDEGUE Seraphin, Departement d'anthropologie, Universite Laval, Quebec, Quebec, Canada
This close working relationship means Ontario and Quebec jointly benefit in areas of economic development, trade and energy.
Quebec es la provincia mas grande de Canada en terminos territoriales, y la segunda mas poblada, solo despues de su vecina Ontario.
“Quebec had three outstanding finalists in this year's SXSW accelerator competition, produced by Quebec's rapidly expanding technology industry,” says Louise Fortin, director of Economic Services at the Quebec Government Office in Atlanta.
On October 30, the Quebec National Assembly voted down (57:51) draft legislation proposed by the PQ that would have replaced the province's Mining Act.
[32] CHU de Quebec/CRHDQ/Universite Laval, Quebec, QC
The top court ruled by a five-to-four margin in January that, while Quebec's civil code breaches the Charter of Rights equality guarantees, because it treats couples who are not married differently than those who simply live together, Quebec can leave its provisions governing de facto unions in place.
Of course, the rest of Canada doesn't have to use much imagination to know what a referendum in Quebec would be like.
By swinging to the Bloc Quebecois and more recently to the NDP, Quebec voters have given up much of their leverage with the federal government, a trend that has only accelerated in 2008 and 2011.
Anti-clericalism was one of the hallmarks of Quebec's "Quiet Revolution" more than a half-century ago.
and--oh, by the way--a Quebec nuclear plant gets approval for a $1.9-billion refurbishment.