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fermented beverage resembling beer but made from rye or barley

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DuCoty reunited with Quass and joined NRG Media as Chief Operating Officer in October 2005.
Labs was founded in 1999 by Sherwin, Berkeley Geddes, and Dallan Quass.
Roberto Quass, director of the National Disaster Prevention Agency, said there were no plans to step up current safety measures, which stop people going within seven miles of the crater.
The amalgamation of the talent and experience of Robert Sherwin, Berkeley Geddes and Dallan Quass has created a powerhouse team whose intent was to form a company with "great people and ferocious technology.
First, keeping cached or materialized views consistent in the presence of updates is complex and often expensive [Roussopoulos 1991; Quass and Widom 1997], and it is unclear how invalidation-based protocols, which have proven to be very useful to implement cache consistency, can be applied to view caching.
We are grateful to members of the Stanford Database Group, especially Ashish Gupta, Dallan Quass, and Jeff Ullman, for lively and useful discussions about this work, and to Stefano Ceri for providing the technical impetus and enabling the collaboration.
It's changed days now as his prowess on the course has given him a jet-set lifestyle with wife Ardina and son Quass Seth, 10.
The Podzols from solid rock materials showed the most shallow AE horizons (Table 5; Quass et al.
2) Others who have worked hard to keep the spirit of UNESCO alive in Britain include Malcolm Harper, Maurice Goldsmith, David Wardrop, Dennis Chisman and Margaret Quass, all of the UNA or the Friends of UNESCO.
Oliver Quass bagged the home side's only points with a field goal before Ron Dickerson scored a touch down and Gronroof kicked the extra point.
However, Margaret Quass, a founder member of the Friends of UNESCO and former Director of CEWC, has pointed out that the funds for rejoining UNESCO should not have to come out of the overseas aid budget operated by the Overseas Development Administration.
Jeff Quass, MEGTEC Vice President, Global Operations and a 20-year veteran of engineering, R&D and operations management in equipment for advanced web materials processing, offered his thoughts on the advanced technology designed into these MEGTEC systems.
Panelists includeBeasley Media Group CEO Caroline Beasley , Entercom Communications COO Weezie Kramer , Hubbard Radio CEO Ginny Morris and NRG Media President/CEO Mary Quass .
com)-- Joel Quass, One of America's Leading 5 Steps To Rapid Employment Master Coaches, will be offering free job search advice and resume reviews at the following National Career Fairs this fall.
THE Premier Division leadership changed hands once again following Saltbox's 3-0 victory at Quass.