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half of a semitone

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Schonberg for piano and orchestra (1929), Sonata for Quarter-Tone Clarinet and Piano (1937), opera Peer Gynt (1929) and other pieces.
Other compositional problems recur throughout the work--the early impressionism gives way to a bizarre collection of technical requests, including badly written and unidiomatic artificial harmonics, pizzicato notes, and quarter-tone temperament.
One is compelled to wonder why a composer could not just sidestep the theory and access these new pitches more directly, through some sort of simple system that provides, ready-made, the sixth-tones, quarter-tones, etc.
Sometimes microtones, especially quarter-tones, are used in order to heighten the sense of blurring beyond what could be accomplished with semitones.
31) In Example 2 it is clear that the quarter-tones and third-tones are either a means of getting from one functional pitch to the next, a semitone away (see measures 3-4, 6-10 and 58-9), or a way of ornamenting single functional pitches in the manner of a trill (see measures 15-23 and 55-7).
From one composer to the next, even techniques like quarter-tones are not written the same way.
has sold over forty quarter-tone flutes, and John Fonville, Robert Dick, Jennifer Higdon, and Anne La Berge are among the performer/ composers who have written for the instrument.
If Commissar Anatoly Lunacharsky likened the 1917 Revolution to a "grandiose symphony," the musical response itself was more akin to free jazz, as the halls and theaters resounded with quarter-tone experiments, imported and domestic atonality, late Romanticism, urban pop, proletarian chorus, and the folk songs of various peoples.
In his vocal music up to that time Haba had tried out quarter-tones only in his Suite on Interjections of Folk Poetry [Suita na citoslovce lidove poezie], which had been performed, also under the direction of Hermann Scherchen, in Frankfurt am Main in 1924.
Novotna hadn't obtained permission for a three-week stay in Munich from the intendant, and she's going to shoot 2 films that have to be ready in 3 months, and so she doesn't have time for quarter-tones [.
I can believe it, because they don't hear the real sound, but have to derive it all from the semi-tones, and so they strangle all the quarter-tones.
Wherever I mention that I use quarter-tones, sooner or later someone brings up the name of Haba.
Here quarter-tones play the role of the leading notes, and in an exemplary, direct way.
In any case he had already expressed his attitude to quarter-tones in his own Harmonielehre.
In wider musical circles Busoni had the justified reputation as a leading supporter of microtonal music (and new music in general), but in fact he was extremely hostile to quarter-tone music, seeing the third-tone and sixth-tone system as far more natural and promising for future use.