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deeply involved especially in something complicated


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twisted together in a tangled mass

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involved in difficulties

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But putting them in an ideal system helped the researchers study quantum entanglement.
The concept of nonlocality, which Einstein called this "spooky action at a distance," is now called quantum entanglement and is basic to the development of quantum computing.
Using a system based on quantum entanglement of electrons in diamond chips, Hanson's team developed a quantum memory by transferring the entanglement of the electrons to atomic nuclei for safekeeping, he reported September 15 at QCrypt.
The pioneering experiment is to test if the spooky property of quantum entanglement can work at long distances as well.
In quantum entanglement, "when you measure one half of the entangled pair, the other half instantly assumes the exact opposite state," without physical contact or other communicative means.
The core circuits of quantum teleportation, which generate and detect quantum entanglement, have been successfully integrated into a photonic chip by an international team of scientists.
The basic thesis builds off the application to theology of the phenomenon of quantum entanglement proposed in the last decade or so (by John Polkinghorne and Kirk Wegter-McNelly, among others) and seeks to extend such to understanding the doctrine of the Trinity.
Church has recently referenced her new found love of science and so it was no surprise that the show entitled Entanglement after the lead track from singer's soon-to-be released EP FOUR and also the physics phenomenon of quantum entanglement, saw the two worlds collide spectacularly.
The theoretical results bolster the relatively new and exciting idea that the laws of gravity holding together the universe may not be fundamental, but arise from something else: quantum entanglement.
The conferences focus on linking information science and life sciences on the basis of quantum theory, and the fifth gave special attention to quantum entanglement, simulating biological systems, brain function, quantum-like dynamics, and adaptive systems.
Their published treatise, "Toward a New Theory of Everything: Subatomic Wormholes, Space-Time, Quantum Entanglement, Relativity, and the Nature of Gravity," copyrighted in 2011 and 2012, and available from www.
Christopher Morley Jazz Entanglement Ant Law Guitarist Ant Law takes inspiration from quantum physics for the title of his debut album - a- apparently when particles such as photons, electrons and molecules continue to instantaneously respond to their entangled counterparts even after separation it is called quantum entanglement.
Quantum entanglement describes a non-separable state of two or more quantum objects and has certain properties which contradict common physical sense.
The two specialise in quantum entanglement, a phenomenon of particle physics that has been proven by experiments but remains poorly understood.
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