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Synonyms for entangled

deeply involved especially in something complicated


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twisted together in a tangled mass

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involved in difficulties

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The small-scale research involves examining quantum entanglement between pairs or small collections of particles.
In quantum entanglement, "when you measure one half of the entangled pair, the other half instantly assumes the exact opposite state," without physical contact or other communicative means.
This is where quantum entanglement could play a role.
Andrew Steane discusses quantum entanglement, one of the most bizarre aspects of quantum mechanics.
The two specialise in quantum entanglement, a phenomenon of particle physics that has been proven by experiments but remains poorly understood.
J&D speculate that the remote REG effects seem reminiscent of quantum entanglement, and that quantum entanglement might end up playing an explanatory role for these effects.
Share and Wiman include a thought-provoking introduction, "Mastery and Mystery: Twenty-One Ways to Read a Century," in which they meditate on poetry as "a kind of quantum entanglement in language," reaffirming its ability to "enliven the lives we thought we knew.
John Morton at Oxford University and others, has successfully generated and detected quantum entanglement between electron spin and nuclear spin in phosphorus impurities added to silicon.
They begin by reviewing the basic properties of a soliton, then discuss fast and slow light generation for communication security, optical lithography and microscopy, light pulses generated by nonlinear micro-ring resonators for sensing applications, quantum entanglement and applications, and dark soliton behaviors within the nano-waveguide.
Keeping the key secret as they create it is the crucial part, and here's where Ekert exploits quantum physics--specifically, a weird phenomenon called quantum entanglement.
Don Howard discusses the phenomenon of quantum entanglement and argues that it is the best example of what he calls "S-emergence," where the higher level structure is not determined by the lower level.
But the important thing is that the principle has been established using quantum entanglement to teleport the information between two telescopes.
As a 'non member of staff', she delved into the complex and mindboggling world of quantum entanglement in physics at the mid Wales university.
Dr caroline thompson's name is known because she is on a crusade to revise scientific opinion about quantum entanglement.
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